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Andrew McCarthy:

NY's Political Prosecution of Manafort Should Scare Us All...
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Our Leftist Media Media Silence Surrounds Muslim Massacre of Christians Political leaders and public figures were falling over themselves this weekend to condemn the mosque attacks in New Zealand, while dozens of Christians were slaughtered by Muslims in Nigeria to the sound of crickets.

A Firm Grasp of the Obvious:) Poll: Majority Sees Mueller Probe as Witch Hunt
Just over a half of voters agree with President Donald Trump's long-shared condemnation of special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation as a political witch hunt, according to the USA Today/Suffolk University Poll released Monday

Bowing To The PC Police? Fox News Suspends Jeanine Pirro for Two Weeks The Fox News Channel has suspended Jeanine Pirro’s weekly program —Justice with Judge Jeanine — in response to the conservative host’s recent remarks about Rep. Ilhan Omar’s (D-MN) use of a hijab Breitbart

Trump Ratchets Up Criticism of GM for Plant Closure President Trump is ramping up pressure on General Motors Co. and its chief executive, Mary Barra, over the recent closure of an Ohio assembly factory, and pressing the company and union leadership to speed up contract negotiations.
Wall Street Journal

Trump Tweet John “Last In His Class” McCain "So it was indeed (just proven in court papers) “last in his class” (Annapolis) John McCain that sent the Fake Dossier to the FBI and Media hoping to have it printed BEFORE the Election. He & the Dems, working together, failed (as usual). Even the Fake News refused this garbage! Twitter

Deciding What You View Facebook Removed 1.5 Million Videos of the New Zealand Mass Shooting In the first 24 hours after the deadly mass shooting in New Zealand, Facebook says that it has removed 1.5 million videos that were uploaded of the attack, of which 1.2 million “at upload.” The Verge

Case Against Obama White House Counsel Heats Up A long-running federal investigation into a former White House counsel in the Obama administration is reaching a critical stage, presenting the Justice Department with a decision about whether to charge a prominent Democrat as part of a more aggressive crackdown on illegal foreign lobbying. (leftist) New York Times

2020 Beto Raises $6.1 Million on First Day Beto O'Rourke raised $6.1 million in his first 24 hours as a presidential candidate, according to his campaign, surpassing Bernie Sanders and every other 2020 Democrat who has disclosed their figures. NBC

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Redefining Crime Judge: Illegal Alien Who Faked Fed Doc to Get License Committed No Crime It is not a crime for an illegal immigrant to use fake federal documents to obtain a legitimate state license, according to a remarkable ruling issued this week by an Obama-appointed judge in south Florida. Judicial Watch

Trump HatredDonald Trump: John McCain Peddled Fake Dossier ‘Garbage’ to Media and FBI President Donald Trump ripped the late Senator John McCain on Sunday for passing on the bogus opposition dossier to the FBI and the media.

Streamlining Govt Trump Budget Calls for Eliminating Offices, Programs in Cost-Cutting Bid President Trump’s fiscal 2020 budget proposal, in a bid to cut costs, calls for eliminating a range of programs and offices.

US Bars Entry to International Criminal Court Investigators The US will revoke or deny visas to International Criminal Court personnel seeking to investigate alleged war crimes and other abuses committed by U.S. forces in Afghanistan or elsewhere, and may do the same with those who seek action against Israel, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Friday

FOX Hires Former DNC Chair Donna Brazile Who Rigged Presidential Debates for Hillary Fox is officially in the tank for the Liberals. “Donna Brazile on being signed as a Fox contributor: “There’s an audience on Fox News that doesn’t hear enough from Democrats. We have to engage that audience.” True Pundit

Supreme Court Rejects Hawaii B&B That Refused to Serve Lesbian Couple The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday declined to hear a challenge to a lower court ruling that found that the owner of a Hawaii bed and breakfast violated a state anti-discrimination law by turning away a lesbian couple, citing Christian beliefs

Socialism NJ City Plans Universal Basic Income Test Newark Mayor Ras Baraka says the city is going to study a pilot program to provide a universal basic income, or basically guaranteeing income for all residents whether they have a job.

Government Schools Houston Library Allowed Sex Offender to Read to Kids During Drag Queen Storytime A registered child sex offender was allowed to read to children during the Houston Public Library’s Drag Queen Storytime. Breitbart

US Missile Defense Breakthrough: Navy Ships to Destroy Enemy ICBMs The Pentagon plans a “first-of-its-kind” test of an unprecedented weapons capability to intercept and destroy an enemy Intercontinental Ballistic Missile *ICBM” — from a Navy ship at sea using a Standard Missile-3 Block IIA. Fox

Witholding The News Reuters Reporter Covered Up Damaging Beto Info During Texas Senate Race Reuters bragged Friday about its scoop that Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke was once involved in a notorious hacker group, but revealed in the process that one of its reporters willingly sat on the story until after O’Rourke lost his Texas Senate race to incumbent Ted Cruz. Daily Caller

What Are The Odds? Woman Gives Birth to Six Babies in Nine Minutes Defying remarkable odds of one in 4.7billion, Thelma Chiaka delivered her sextuplets between 4.50am and 4.59am on Friday at the Woman's Hospital of Texas in Houston. The Sun


Snowflake Alert
Millennials Say Life More Stressful Now Than Ever Before A survey of 2,000 American millennials, commissioned by CBD oil company Endoca, reveals that one-third of millennials believe their lives are more stressful than the average person’s life.
Study Finds

Study Daily Aspirin No Longer Recommended To Prevent Heart Attacks If you’re a healthy older adult looking for ways to reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke, don’t turn to that age-old standby: daily low-dose aspirin. It’s no longer recommended as a preventative for older adults who don’t have a high risk or existing heart disease

Of Interest World's First Remote Brain Surgery Performed A Chinese surgeon has performed the world’s first remote brain surgery using 5G technology, with the patient 3,000km away from the operating doctor. Russian Times

World's Oldest Semen Still Viable 50 Years After First Stored Fifty year old ram sperm has been thawed and used to successfully impregnate 34 sheep in Australia, scientists reveal. Mirror

Reality Bites U.S. Cities Scrap Recycling Programs Due to High Costs Hundreds of U.S. towns and cities have scrapped their recycling programs because the costs to maintain them have skyrocketed.


The Fergusan Curse? Puzzling Number of Men Linked to '14 Michael Brown Protests Turn Up Dead The sometimes-violent deaths of a half-dozen men linked to the 2014 protests that rocked Ferguson, Mo., including two found in burning cars and three who allegedly committed suicide, have sparked fears that something sinister is afoot

Study Links Sugary Drinks to Higher Risk of Premature Death Regularly drinking sugary beverages like soda is connected with a higher likelihood of premature death from cardiovascular disease, according to a new study reported by CNN.

Of Interest Fisherman Indicited For Cheating at Bass Tournament A Wood County grand jury has indicted a fisherman accused of cheating in a fishing tournament. Houston Chronicle


Divine Intervention? Photo Of Lord’s Prayer Stops Bullet Fired Into Home A Kansas woman says a bullet that flew into her home was stopped by what she describes as an act of God. CBS

Of Interest Foreign Adoptions to USA Plunge The number of foreign children adopted by U.S. parents plunged nearly 14 per cent last year, extending a decline that’s now continued for 14 years, according to State Department figures released Thursday. AP

Strange Stuff Shocking Video Shows Shark 'Kissing' Diver Photographer Steve Woods, captured the amazing moment a diver was kissed by a Blue Shark in waters off the coast off South Africa

1.5 Trillion Reasons Why Kids’ Climate Strike Is Dishonest, Stupid, Pointless Townhall

The Group in Charge is Coming After Fox News Tucker Carlson

How Hollywood Elites Cheated to Get Their Kids Into College Dan Wetzel

How the Feds Cracked the College Admissions Scam New York Post

Beto The Buffoon Townhall

The College Admissions Racket Wall Street Journal

Why Is Trump Having To Fight Alone? Breitbart

Animal Rights Is Next Frontier for the Left
(leftist) New Republic

Something's Wrong When the Diploma Is Worth More Than the Education Jonah Goldberg

There’s a Larger Lie Beyond the College Admissions Bribery Case Time

Complete Failure at Oroville Dam American Thinker

Judge Jeanine is Right -- Fox News is Wrong American Thinker

Our Bankrupt Elite National Review

Senate Vote to Rebuke Trump Lets GOP Voters Meet the Real Enemy
David Blackmon
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