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J. Matt Barber:

Trump Must Pledge to Implement GOP Platform...
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DNC Convention 2016: Before Big Speech, Kaine Flip-Flops On Major Issues Clinton and vice presidential pick Sen. Tim Kaine, D-Va., grappled with claims of flip-flopping on both the controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership trade pact and federal funding of abortion. Fox

IRS Launches Investigation Of Clinton Foundation
IRS Commissioner John Koskinen referred congressional charges of corrupt Clinton Foundation “pay-to-play” activities to his tax agency’s exempt operations office for investigation, The Daily Caller News Foundation has learned
Zero Hedge

Uh, Oh
Guccifer 2.0 Drops New Cache of Democrat Emails Guccifer 2.0, the hacker who breached the Democratic National Committee, has released a cache of purported DNC documents to The Hill in an effort to refocus attention on the hack.
Gateway Pundit

Heavy Rain, Lightning Prompts Evacuations At The DNC Wind gusts, heavy rain and lightning have forced people to evacuate the media tents outside of the Wells Fargo Center and take shelter less than an hour before the opening gavel on the final night of the Democratic National Convention.

All About Obama Obama Refers to Himself 119 Times During Hillary Nominating Speech If it sounds like Obama talked a lot about himself, that’s because he did. In total, we counted 119 times Obama referred to himself during his speech ostensibly about Hillary Clinton. Grabien

Police Rally to Protest City Hall 'Black Lives Matter' Banner Somerville police officers continue their fight for the removal of the Black Lives Matter banner that hangs on a building Thursday, when they gather to protest the mayor’s decision not to take it down. WCVB

LOL Congressman Asks Obama To Keep Classified Intel From Trump A Rhode Island congressman says he’s asking President Barack Obama to withhold classified materials and briefings from Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump in the interest of national security AP

Box Office: Dinesh D'Souza's 'Hillary's America' Becomes Top Grossing Doc of 2016 Conservative author and filmmaker Dinesh D'Souza has added another win: Hillary's America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party has quickly become the top-grossing documentary of the year to date at the U.S. box office, amassing $5.2 million in its first dozen days. Hollywood Reporter


Gun Study Rigged? Critics Shoot Holes In Widely Cited Gun Study A much-heralded and widely cited study of 171 countries over nearly a half century purports to show more guns mean more mass shootings, but critics say the report uses bad methodology in a way that rigs the results. Breitbart

Pay To PlayDNC Hack Exposes Federal Appointments for Major Dem Donors Email exchanges involving top officials at the Democratic National Committee released along with private documents by WikiLeaks show that DNC officials hoped to reward top donors and insiders with appointments to federal boards and commissions in coordination with the White House.

Targeting Conservatives Documents Indicate IRS Officials Knew of Tea Party Targeting Since 2011 A new batch of FBI documents released Thursday by Judicial Watch indicates that several senior Internal Revenue Service (IRS) officials were aware of the targeting of conservative groups almost two years before they told Congress Fox

U.S. Opens Door To A Change In Blood Donation Policy For Gay Men The U.S. Food and Drug Administration opened the door on Tuesday to a change in its blood donor deferral recommendations, which currently prohibit donations from gay men for a year following their last sexual encounter in order to reduce the risk of transmitting HIV Reuters

John Hinckley, Who Tried To Kill Reagan, Wins His Freedom Thirty-five years after he tried to kill a president, John Hinckley has won his freedom. A federal judge in Washington, D.C., has granted a request for Hinckley to leave the mental hospital where he's lived for decades, to go live full-time with his elderly mother NPR

Ah, Socialism... Venezuela Cuts Oil Shipments To Cuba Forcing Castros To Consider Veering To US So far this year Venezuelan oil shipments to the island have declined by 19.5 percent, forcing an energy rationing that is reminding people of the early 90s, when the Soviet Union dissolved and Cuba lost its top provider almost overnight. Fox

Lawyer Who Refused To Remove Black Lives Matter Pin Appeals 5-Day Sentence An attorney in Ohio is fighting a judge's ruling that sent her to jail for refusing to remove her Black Lives Matter pin in court.

Post-Coup Crackdown: The Agenda? Turkey Shuts Down 130 Media Outlets After Failed Military Coup Turkey's government has decided to close down dozens of media outlets, including 45 newspapers and 16 television stations in the wake of a failed military coup, the country's state-run news agency reported Wednesday Fox


Clinton Camp Laughs Off Questions About Press Conference Blackout Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager can’t guarantee that the Democratic presidential candidate will hold a press conference between now and the election and laughed off questions about why she doesn’t gaggle with reporters. The Hill

French Media To Stop Publishing Photos, Names Of Terrorists Several French news organisations have said they will no longer publish photographs of people responsible for terrorist killings, to avoid bestowing “posthumous glorification”. he Guardian

Aide: Trump 'Will Not Be Releasing' Taxes A top aide to Donald Trump said Wednesday that the Republican presidential nominee "will not be releasing" his taxes. "Mr. Trump has said that his taxes are under audit and he will not be releasing them," Trump campaign chief Paul Manafort told "CBS This Morning." The Hill

Airbnb Sues San Francisco Over Rental Regulations San Francisco wants people who rent out their homes through Airbnb and other online platforms to follow some rules, and it wants the platforms to advertise only those rule-abiding listings — or face steep fines Fox


Coming To America?
UK Banks Threatens Charges For Deposits As Negative Interest Rates Loom Natwest has become the first bank to warn business customers it may charge them negative interest rates on money held in current accounts.

Texas Reaches Deal On Birth Certificates For Immigrant Kids Parents who entered the U.S. illegally from Mexico and Central America will have an easier time getting birth certificates for their children born in Texas following a lawsuit settlement with the state, lawyers for immigration advocates said on Monday. Fox

Ouch! Obama Attendance at Paris 'Climate Change' Conference Cost Taxpayers $2,976,296.20 Secret Service charges for Obama and his staff to attend the Conference cost taxpayers $1,324,171.60. Flight expenses cost $1,652,124.60, bringing the total expenditure for the conference to at least $2,976,296.20. To date, Obama’s known travel expenses total $82,606,703.13 Judicial Watch


Wednesday Trump Takes 7-Point Lead The USC Dornsife/LA Times Presidential Election Daybreak Poll shows:Donald Trump: 47 percent Hillary Clinton 40 percent The poll surveyed 3,000 Americans. by the Los Angeles Times and the USC Dornsife Center. Newsmax

Of Interest Protect Wolves or Hunt Them? Western States in Crosshairs As gray wolves multiply and come off endangered species lists in Western states, a new problem has emerged: Packs of wolves are harassing ranchers, their sheep and cattle Sacramento Bee

Obamamerica Homeownership Lowest Since 1965 The U.S. homeownership rate fell to the lowest in more than 50 years as rising prices put buying out of reach for many renters.


Duh Mexican Border Agency Seen As Aiding Illegal Immigration Grupo Beta is seen as a humanitarian organization that steers north-bound migrants through the crossfire of warring drug cartels. But in Texas, many view it as part of a pipeline that sends humans and drugs pouring into the U.S., all with the funding and backing of the Mexican government

The Big Gulp:) Scientists Make Novel Water-From-Urine Machine A team of scientists at a Belgian university say they have created a machine that turns urine into drinkable water and fertilizer using solar energy, a technique which could be applied in rural areas and developing countries.

The Dating Scene App Checks Male-Female Ratio At Bar A new dating app called Weepo allows users to check the male-to-female ratio at a given bar or club before heading out, instead of finding out the hard way after shelling out for a car ride and a cover charge.
New York Post

Culture Carl’s Jr. Features Bacon and Threesomes in Sleazy New Ad The fast food chain’s newest item is the Bacon 3-Way Burger. The only thing that sells better than bacon is sex, but the restaurant took that to another level with their Three-Way “Fantasy.” Newsbusters


Pictured At 4'1", Great Dane Tallest Dog in World? A Great Dane measuring more than an astonishing 4 FEET is in the running to be a world record dog. Mirror

Video Cool-Headed Elephant Fights Off 14 Female Lions In Zambia An elephant in Zambia demonstrated his ability to keep a cool head under pressure when he escaped being made into a meal by 14 female lions UPI

Of Interest Average Pot User Spends $647 a Year on Weed A Seattle-based company determined that the average recreational weed consumer is a 37-year-old man who buys traditional marijuana buds. The median spend by this customer was $647 annually, with an average of 19.5 days between purchases.

'Living Hip' Grown In Lab Arthritis sufferers have been offered new hope after scientists grew a ‘living hip’ in the lab which not only replaces worn cartilage but stops painful joints returning. Fox

Trump And The Politics of Moral Outrage Victor Davis Hanson

Clinton Cash John Stossel

Words Of A Wandering Dakini Michelle Morgan

What Bees Can Teach Us About Why People Should Run Their Own Lives The Fderalist

Bubba Pours on the Estrogen Maureen Dowd New York Times

Bill Clinton's Sad, Surreal Speech PJ Media

When Do the Mothers of ISIS Speak? Ann Coulter

Obama’s Final Revenge: The Accidental Destruction of Hillary Clinton
 Ben Shapiro

Donald Trump Just Got Hillary Clinton To Admit Her E-mails Are A ‘National Security Issue’ The Federalist

The Case for Cockroach Milk: The Next Superfood? (leftist) Washington Post

The Hillary-Alinsky-Lucifer Connection American Spectator

The Real Story of Bill and Hillary Rush Limbaugh (transcript)

Bill Sells Hillary Better Than She Can Sell Herself Howard Kurtz

Hillary: Golly, I Had No Idea The DNC Was Rigging The Primaries Canada Free Press

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