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The Cost of Medicaid
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Trump Rips NYT for Writing 'False Story After False Story' President Donald Trump blasted The New York Times in a Wednesday morning tweet for writing "false story after false story" about him. Newsmax

CNN Faced $100M Lawsuit Over Botched Russia Story
The specter of a $100 million libel suit scared CNN into retracting a poorly reported story that slimed an ally of President Trump’s — and forcing out the staffers responsible for it
New York Post

The FBI's Boss Is Under Investigation For Possible Hatch Act Violations Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe is being investigated by the Office of U.S. Special Counsel for violating The Hatch Act that prohibits FBI agents from campaigning in partisan races. Circa


Wishful Thinking
Economists Hilariously Over-Predicted Economic Growth Under Obama White house economists overestimated annual economic growth by about 80 percent on average for a six year stretch during Barack Obama’s presidency, according to Freedom Works economic consultant Stephen Moore
Daily Caller

3 More GOP Senators Oppose Healthcare Bill Three more Republican senators Tuesday came out against the healthcare plan — now totaling nine — after Majority Leader Mitch McConnell pulled the legislation from a vote scheduled for later this week. Newsmax

More Congressional Perks?? Chaffetz Calls For $2,500 Legislator Housing Stipend The cost of housing has gotten so expensive that Representative Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) thinks that a monthly subsidy of $2,500 would help ease the burden — for members of Congress. The Hill

Ten Commandments Monument Installed at Arkansas Capitol Workers installed a Ten Commandments monument outside Arkansas' Capitol on Tuesday, two years after lawmakers approved a measure permitting the privately funded statue on state grounds. Fox

Sarah Palin Suing New York Times For Defamation Sarah Palin is suing The New York Times for defamation, according to documents filed in federal court Tuesday that were obtained by The Daily Caller Daily Caller


More PC Insanity Democratic Rep: Citing Uncomfortable Data Is White Privilege Republican Iowa Rep. Steve King found himself accused of using his white privilege last week after he offered statistics that Democratic Louisiana Rep. Cedric Richmond didn’t like. Daily Caller

Living LargeObamas' Lavish Globetrotting Vacations Raise Democrats’ Eyebrows The Democratic base is growing increasingly frustrated with former President Barack Obama’s actions after leaving office, including a seemingly endless tour of millionaire and billionaire luxury retreats

Yale Sues Connecticut Over Gender-Neutral Restrooms Yale University is suing Connecticut over its plan to turn single-user restrooms into gender-neutral bathrooms at its law school. Fox

Coming To America? Venezuela Helicopter Launches Attack on Supreme Court A helicopter has apparently tried to bomb Venezuela's Supreme Court in what President Nicolas Maduro called a "terrorist attack". The government says a police office flew the helicopter over the capital, Caracas, and dropped grenades. BBC

Mexico Joins The Legal Battle Against Anti-Sanctuary City Law Mexico filed an affidavit Monday in support of a lawsuit against the implementation of a Texas law to punish sanctuary cities and allow police officers to inquire about the immigration status of someone they have arrested or detained Daily Caller

Barbarians At The Gate ISIS Video Shows Kids As Young As 8 Executing Prisoners A chilling new ISIS execution video shows brainwashed children as young as 8 being forced to shoot prisoners in the head. Fox

EPA Moves To Nix Obama's 'Waters Of The US' Regulation The Environmental Protection Agency and Army Corps of Engineers said they would withdraw Obama's 2015 "waters of the United States" — or WOTUS — regulation, which expanded the number of waterways covered by the federal Clean Water Act

Government Schools Women’s College Offers Program to Help Students Cope With Disappointment Smith College, a top-ranked liberal arts school for women, is teaching them that life comes with disappointment, rejection, stumbling blocks — and it’s OK to experience such hurdles and learn from them. The College Fix


Reality Bites Mark Levin Book Condemning Media, Progressives, Debuts At No. 1 Mark Levin's new book, "Rediscovering Americanism," an assault on the media and progressives and a call for Americans to take back their country, debuts today at No. 1 on Amazon. Washington Examiner

Life and Death 111 Terminally Ill End Lives Under New California Law California health officials reported Tuesday that 111 terminally ill people took drugs to end their lives in the first six months after a 2016 law made the option legal in the nation's most populous state. Fox

Oh, Canada... Justin Trudeau Wears Islam-Themed Ramadan Socks to LGBT Pride Parade Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wore Ramadan-themed socks during an LGBT Pride parade in Toronto on Sunday. Trudeau was photographed wearing the socks at a service just before the parade, where he also wished attendees a happy “Pride Mubarak” Breitbart

Poll Voters Grow Weary of Russia Probes A majority of voters believe the Russia investigations are damaging to the country and are eager to see Congress shift its focus to healthcare, terrorism, national security, the economy and jobs. The Hill


Reneging On Debts
Illinois Lottery To Again Delay Large Payouts Illinois Lottery players should prepare for a bit of deja vu — with a twist — if Illinois leaders don't pass a budget by Friday night.
Chicago Trribune

Of Interest Cellphone Bills Plunge As Devices Outnumber Humans The cost of U.S. cellular service is rapidly plunging, reversing years of increases that have squeezed consumers’ budgets and generated huge profits for wireless companies. Wall Street Journal


Interesting Trivia Hawaii Named 'Worst State To Make A Living' - Again At least we're consistent: For a seventh straight year, Hawaii has been named the worst state to make a living thanks to its astronomical cost of living. Hawaii News

It's Okay To Decorate A Police Car With Rainbow Flags, But Not Bible Verses It’s permissible in the United States to decorate police cars with rainbow flags to celebrate gay pride, but it’s not permissible to decorate police cars with Bible verses honoring law enforcement officers. Fox

Did You Know..? Solar Power Isn’t Sustainable When It’s Hot Outside Don’t expect recent heat waves hitting the southwest to make solar panels produce more energy, according to an industry representative. High temperatures decrease a photovoltaic solar cell’s output by between 10 and 25%
Rush Limgaugh


Of Interest Best Places to Make a Living: Ranks the Top States Are things likely to be tougher or easier if you relocate? To help you look before you leap, has assembled a list of the best and worst states to make a living

Pictured Neapolitan Mastiff Wins Title of World’s Ugliest Dog Meet Martha! She’s now a world champion. Her title? World’s Ugliest Dog. Martha is three-years-old and weighs 125 pounds. She won the contest Friday night and was awarded $1,500, a trophy, and a trip to New York “for camera appearances.”

Escaped Arkansas Inmate Recaptured 32 Years Later Arkansas authorites said Sunday that they had apprehended an inmate who had been on the run for more than three decades.

Transgender Traitor Chelsea Manning Gets Float Spot In NYC Pride Parade Transgender army soldier Chelsea Manning – wearing a plaid frock and a broad smile – was one of 40,000 who marched in New York City’s 48th Gay Pride parade Sunday. New York Post


Seattle No. 1 In Home-Price Growth For the eighth straight month, Seattle is the hottest housing market in the country, with families looking for starter homes hit particularly hard by rising prices and a shortage of houses for sale. Seattle Times

Daddy? Salvador Dali Body To Be Exhumed To Resolve Paternity Case A Spanish judge has ordered the exhumation of Salvador DalĂ­'s body for DNA testing to settle a claim by a fortune-teller that she is the secret daughter of the surrealist painter. Telegraph

Interesting Trivia The Most Armed Man In America: 3,000 Weapons Mel Bernstein – known as the Dragon Man – has earned the title the ‘most armed man in the US’ and has a frightening 3,000 weapons in his collection – and that doesn’t include the tanks.
The Sun

The Terrifying and Terrible Prospect of Justice Kennedy Retiring (leftist) Washington Post

What Is the Alternative to Trump Derangement? Victor Davis Hanson

The Left Has One More Argument: Kill Them! Ann Coulter

The NRA Shuns a Second Amendment Martyr Reason

The FBI's Bizarre Cover-Up of the GOP Baseball Shooting FrontPageMag

Democrats’ Real Problem Is That Nancy Pelosi Is Their True Face New York Post

Robert Mueller Adopts Stalinist Tactics American Thinker

Illinois Becomes North America's Venezuela

Hollywood Goes Off the Depp End Townhall

The Passing of the Pelosi Era Pat Buchanan

NBC’s Megyn Kelly Problem Variety

What If Donald Trump Doesn’t Sink the Republican Party? National Review

For Sale: Puerto Rico Wall Street Journal

Global Warming: The Imminent Crisis That Never Arrives Investors Business Daily

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