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House Judiciary Lawmakers Mull Subpoenas on FBI, DOJ After Text Messages Reveal ‘Path’ to Stop Trump Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee said on Wednesday it was time to issue subpoenas to the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Justice Department, following the release of texts from FBI officials that suggested they wanted to stop Trump’s election.

3-2 FCC Scraps Controversial Obama-era ‘Net Neutrality’ Regulations
The Federal Communications Commission voted Thursday to repeal Obama-era net neutrality rules, a move that has triggered protests from consumer groups, Internet companies and Democratic lawmakers.

'We Can't Take That Risk' FBI Officials Discussed ‘Insurance Policy’ Against Trump Presidency Two FBI officials who worked on Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation exchanged text messages last year in which they appear to have discussed ways to prevent Donald Trump from being elected president. Daily Caller

Music Mogul Russell Simmons Is Accused of Rape by 3 Women Mr. Simmons, a powerful gatekeeper in the entertainment and media worlds, damaged careers and self-confidence with his pattern of sexual assault and harassment, the women say.
New York Times

Accused Lawmaker Kills Self Kentucky State Rep. Dan Johnson, who was under investigation for alleged sexual molestation, died of a "probable suicide," the Bullitt County coroner said. WDRB

Alert Deputy AG Won’t Say Whether The FBI Paid For Dossier “Did the FBI pay for the dossier?” DeSantis asked. “I’m not in a position to answer that question,” Rosenstein responded. “Do you know the answer to the question?” the Republican DeSantis followed up. “I believe I know the answer, but the Intelligence Committee is the appropriate committee…” Daily Caller

Omarosa Fired, ‘Physically Dragged’ From the White House Omarosa Manigault Newman, the former contestant on President Trump’s “The Apprentice,” was fired and forcibly removed from the White House after Secret Service agents blocked her path to his office, according to reports New York Post

Dershowitz Calls for Independent Investigation of Mueller Probe Attorney and political analyst Alan Dershowitz said Wednesday he would like to see a "non-partisan commission" examine special counsel Robert Mueller's team and its investigation into claims the Trump campaign colluded with Russia. Newsmax

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Under Wraps Clinton Struck Deal With Obama State Dept. to Keep Records Private Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton struck a deal with the State Department while serving in the Obama administration that allowed her to take ownership of records she did not want made public, according to recently released reports. Free Beacon

ReportRoger Stone Writing Book On 'Trump's Downfall Longtime Trump confidant Roger Stone told me he is working on a book titled The Unmaking of Trump as part of a multi-book deal with Skyhorse Publishing. (Last fall, Skyhorse published Stone’s campaign account, The Making of the President 2016.)
(leftist) Vanity Fair

You Hurt My Feelings! Insulted Woman’s $4M Trump Defamation Suit Tossed By Court A New York appeals court Tuesday tossed out a Republican consultant’s attempt to revive her $4 million defamation case against President Donald Trump, accusing him of hurting her career after he called her a “real dummy” on Twitter. Fox

Censoring Conservatives - Again Conservative Campus Group Defunded After Hosting Dennis Prager A conservative campus group at the University of Wyoming has had its ability to receive funding from its school coffers yanked just weeks after hosting conservative pundit Dennis Prager
The College Fix

Alert Bitcoin Officially Biggest Bubble In World History! That's right: as of this moment it is official that bitcoin is now the biggest bubble in history, having surpassed the Tulip Mania of 1634-1637.
Zero Hedge

Fudging The Numbers? 'Arbitrary' Adjustments Exaggerate Sea Level Rise, Study Finds A new study by Australian researchers says that data on how sea levels are rising, relied upon by the United Nations, was adjusted upward in “arbitrary” ways. Fox

California Considers Placing A Mileage Tax On Drivers California is moving closer to charging drivers for every mile they drive. The state says it needs more money for road repairs, and the gas tax just isn’t bringing in enough revenue

Rise of the Machine Robots Are Being Used to Deter Homeless People From Setting Up Camp in San Francisco In San Francisco, autonomous crime-fighting robots that are used to patrol parking lots, sports arenas, and tech company campuses are now being deployed to keep away homeless people. Business Insider

Disney Buying Large Part of 21st Century Fox in $52.4B Deal Disney is buying a large part of the Murdoch family’s 21st Century Fox for about $52.4 billion in stock, including film and television studios and cable and international TV businesses Breitbart

More Focus On Skin Color Purdue Professor Argues Tough College Courses Reinforce White Privilege The head of Purdue University’s School of Engineering Education, Donna Riley, argued in a recently published academic journal article tough engineering courses only serves to uphold “white male heterosexual privilege.” Breitbart

Trump Bans Russian Cyber Security Firm’s Products From US Government President Donald Trump signed into law Tuesday legislation that bans the U.S. government from using products created by Kaspersky Lab, a Russian cybersecurity company, amid suspicions it was vulnerable to Kremlin influence. Fox

Reality Bites Stadiums Look Like Ghost Towns As Attendance Crisis Continues The plague of empty seats which has befallen the National Football League reached biblical proportions this week, as teams continued to find it hard to fill stadiums. Breitbart


'TODAY' in Ratings Lead After Lauer Firing Matt who? NBC's "Today" show was the most-watched morning program for the first full week after long-time host Matt Lauer was fired because of sexual misconduct charges.

Growing Number of Americans Say Christmas NOT Religious Holiday Pew Study: While a vast majority of Americans still celebrate Christmas, most find the religious elements of the holiday are emphasized less than in the past — and few of them care about that change.
(leftist) New York Times


Higher Education? 'Hooking Up,' 'Queer Religion' and 'Sexy' Vampires -- The Most Bizarre College Courses Colleges nationwide are teaching students about tacos, hooking up and country music’s "homophobic and racist" message -- but those are just a few examples, as classes such as “Queer Religion” and “Racial Capitalism” become the new norm. Fox

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American Supercar Will Have 1,150 Horsepower 6.2-liter supercharged V-8 four-wheel drive hybrid engine is slated to deliver 1,150 horsepower, hit 0 to 60 miles per hour in 2.7 seconds and have a top speed of 210 mph. USA Today

Our Tax Dollars Nearly 5 Million Americans in Default on Student Loans The number of Americans severely behind on payments on federal student loans reached roughly 4.6 million in the third quarter, a doubling from four years ago
Wall Street Journal


Amazon Uncovered Incredible Images Show Remote Brazilian Tribe These stunning photographs offer a rare glimpse into the lives of some of Brazil's most remote tribes. Photos show the indigenous Kamaiur√° people diving underwater and swimming beneath a waterfall in the Amazonian basin.
Daily Mail

Famous Daredevil Dies After Fall From 62-Story Skyscraper A daredevil climber was attempting to scale a 62-story skyscraper in China when he plunged to his death, according to media reports.

Eucation or Indoctrination? Prof: Academic Rigor Reinforces 'Power and Privilege' Donna Riley, who previously taught engineering at Smith College for 13 years, published an article in the most recent issue of the journal Engineering Education, arguing that academic rigor is a “dirty deed” that upholds “white male heterosexual privilege.” Campus Reform


Education or Indoctrination? Union Urges Gay Teachers to Come Out, Teach LGBT Experiences A headteachers’ union will tell schools to be more supportive of LGBT teachers who want to reveal their sexual identity in the classroom as it would make children better “citizens of the world”. Breitbart

Whoa! Artificial Intelligence Machine Can Identify 2 Billion People In Seconds Yitu Technology has made an AI algorithm that can connect to millions of surveillance cameras and instantly recognise people. Daily Star

Inner Grafitti Surgeon Admits BRANDING Initials on Livers of Two Patients Consultant Simon Bramhall, 53, pleaded guilty to a charge of assault by beating at Birmingham Crown Court after being accused of branding one man and one woman's livers with 'SB' during transplant surgery in 2013.
Daily Mail

Five Things That Went Wrong for Roy Moore Breitbart

Megyn Kelly, At It Again American Thinker

One Mueller-Investigation Coincidence Too Many Victor Davis Hanson

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Paul Ryan Sees His Wild Washington Journey Coming to An End Politico

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11 Things Every Real Conservative Should Ask On A First Date

The FBI’s Trump ‘Insurance’ Wall Street Journal

Did the DOJ Misuse the Steele Dossier — to Spy on the Trump Campaign? Andrew McCarthy

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Mitch McConnell Is The Reason Doug Jones Is A Senator The Federalist

Why I Secretly Wanted Moore To Lose: Brooks 2020! Ann Coulter

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