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Star Parker:

Republicans Can Get More Black Votes...
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Alert Stocks Tumble as Investors Flee to Safety The global stock selloff intensified Thursday as investors sold shares across all sectors and sought safety in government bonds and gold. Wall Street Journal

Clinton Foundation Received Subpoena From State Department Investigators Investigators with the State Department issued a subpoena to the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation last fall seeking documents about the charity’s projects that may have required approval from the federal government during Hillary Clinton’s term as secretary of state
Washington Post

Reality Bites
Trump Warns: Migrants Will Bring 'End Of Europe' Republican presidential primary front-runner Donald Trump is predicting the influx of Muslim migrants will lead to the "end of Europe" in an explosive interview with the conservative French magazine Valeurs Actuelles

Our Tax Dollars Democrats Call For Government-Funded Lawyers For Illegal Immigrants Top Senate Democrats introduced legislation Thursday that would grant government-funded lawyers to illegal immigrants who are part of the surge of Central Americans that have overwhelmed the border and stretched the immigration courts
Washington Times

Media Malfeasance Report: Hillary's Press Operation 'Blackmailed' Reporters Hillary Clinton's press operation has reportedly "blackmailed" reporters by manipulating them into providing flattering coverage in exchange for perks. Newsmax

Bill Introduced To End The Draft A bipartisan group of four congressmen introduced a bill Thursday that would abolish the Selective Service System, more commonly known as the draft The Hill

Update Remaining Protesters at Oregon Refuge Surrender The standoff at a wildlife refuge in Oregon that began in early January has officially come to an end, the FBI said on Thursday. The last remaining occupiers were taken into custody "without incident." Newsmax

Barbarians ISIS Relying on Child Soldiers, Drugged Fighters An increasingly desperate ISIS has replaced much of its depleted senior ranks with child soldiers and drugged foreign fighters ill-equipped to use what’s left of the terrorist army’s stolen armaments Fox


The Tyranny of Political Correctness Prof Bans Students From Saying ‘Husband’ Or ‘Wife’ as Not ‘Inclusive’ In just the latest instance of taxpayer-funded censorship, students in one University of Florida course have been banned from using words such as "husband," "wife," "mom," or dad" in the classroom and risk losing points off their grade if they don't comply Daily Caller

Reckless DisregardTop Secret Info Handled By Up to 30 Different Accounts On Hillary Clinton’s Server At least a dozen different accounts on Hillary Clinton’s notorious homebrew email server handled Top Secret material. The number of different accounts could be as high as 30.

Baby Barbarian ISIS Makes 4 Year Old Execute Prisoners A 4-year-old British boy dubbed "Junior Jihadi" has once again been used in a revolting ISIS propaganda video, this time showing him detonating explosives in a car with three captives strapped inside New York Post

What 'Rule of Law'? Homeland Security Budget Prepares For Record 75,000 Illegal Children Obama's latest budget predicts some 75,000 unaccompanied illegal immigrant children will sneak into the U.S. and have to be captured and cared for next year, suggesting the surge that began in 2014 will outlast this administration. Washington Times

2016 New Cruz Ad Hits Trump's Character, Accuses Him Of 'Sleaze' Ted Cruz will launch his most forceful attack yet against Donald Trump in a TV ad that accuses Trump of buying political influence "in a pattern of sleaze stretching back decades." CNN

2016 Anti-Cruz Group Launches $1.5 Million Ad Blitz In South Carolina American Future Fund, a conservative group that spent heavily against Cruz in Iowa, will begin airing a TV commercial in South Carolina that labels Cruz as "weak" on national security -- a damaging label in military-heavy South Carolina Politico

Mea Culpa - Again, and Again... Delaware Governor Signs Resolution Apologizing for Slavery Gov. Jack Markell signed a resolution Wednesday apologizing for Delaware's role in slavery and wrongs committed against blacks during the Jim Crow era

Dissing America Navy Outraged At Iran's Posting of Crying Captive US Sailor The footage, which was shown on the official Islamic Republic of Iran News Network, was condemned by the Navy, who called the sailors' captivity "outrageous and unacceptable." Fox


Virginia High School Nixes 'White Guilt' Video An animated film designed as a lesson in “racial discourse” for students at a Virginia high school will not be shown after it made students uncomfortable and drew criticism from parents who called it “white guilt.” Fox

Just So Rush Flays GOP: They Still Don't Get It Radio host Rush Limbaugh says the GOP establishment's reaction to Donald Trump's victory in New Hampshire Tuesday night is an indicator its leaders are in denial or poorly hiding "abject panic." Worldnetdaily

One Man's View Bush: Trump Would Be Worse Than Obama Donald Trump would be a worse president than Barack Obama, Jeb Bush told a crowd here Wednesday. "We will be worse off than we are now" with Trump as president, Bush said. "And we are pretty bad off right now." Politico

Rush: If Conservatism Is Your Only Priority, There Is No Choice Other Than Ted Cruz If conservatism is your bag, if conservatism is the dominating factor in how you vote, there is no other choice for you in this campaign than Ted Cruz, because you are exactly right Rush Limbaugh


Carrier To Relocate 1,400 Indianapolis Jobs To Mexico Carrier plans to relocate its Indianapolis operations to Mexico over the next three years, a move that will affect about 1,400 jobs

More Elite Idiocy Meryl Streep: 'We're All Africans Really' The Berlin International Film Festival became embroiled Thursday in the debate about diversity in the movie industry, with jury president Meryl Streep dismissing questions about the all-white panel by telling reporters that "we're all Africans, really." AP

Friday Latest Newsmax Poll: Trump Leading With 61% In a Republican presidential primary, who would you prefer as the GOP nominee? Gov. Jeb Bush 45,097(3%) Gov. John Kasich 23,723(1%) Sen. Marco Rubio 50,029(3%) Sen. Ted Cruz 77,257(5%) Donald Trump 819,587(61%) Dr. Ben Carson 94,800(7%) Newsmax


Potent? World First Home Sperm Testing Kit Will Measure Count And Quality Until now, self tests only indicated sperm count - ignoring the importance of semen quality, which could leave some men are falsely reassured Mirror

Of Interest UK Wants Authority To Serve Warrants In USA British and U.S. officials have been negotiating a plan that could allow British authorities to directly serve wiretap orders on U.S. communications companies in criminal and national security inquiries USA Today

Rise of the Machines There Are Now 260,000 Robots Working In American Factories There are now more than 260,000 robots working in U.S. factories. Orders and shipments for robots in North America set new records in 2015, according to industry trade group Robotic Industries Association
Market Watch

Of Interest Einstein's Gravitational Waves Detected In Scientific Milestone Scientists have for the first time detected gravitational waves, ripples in space and time hypothesized by Albert Einstein a century ago, in a landmark discovery announced on Thursday that opens a new window for studying the cosmos.

FOX Orders Comedy About Middle Eastern Family In USA Fox has given a late pilot order to Chad: An American Boy, a single-camera Middle Eastern family comedy co-created by and starring Saturday Night Live alumna Nasim Pedrad and directed by Jason Winer.

New Blood Test To Spot Five Deadly Cancers A blood test being developed by US scientists could pick up breast, bowel, lung, womb or stomach cancer at an early stage

Cool Stuff NASA Releases Stunning 360-Degree Mars Video Want to know what life is like on Mars? NASA has released an incredible 360-degree video that lets you scroll around the red planet’s surface. Fox


Clean Slate? You Can Soon Wipe Out Your Worst Memories Scientists have discovered a way to change how our brains perceive memories, which could leave bad flashbacks truly in the past. New York Post

Interesting Trivia 2015 Sets Record For Most Shark Attacks Experts say 2015 saw a record-setting 98 unprovoked shark attacks worldwide, including 30 in Florida alone. Fox

Rise of the Machines Robots Boost Warehouse Productivity By 800% The Locus robot can zip around a clothing warehouse larger than the size of six football fields. It can also work for 24 hours, without a break for lunch or a salary.
Tech Insider

Who Knew? Study: Horses Recognise Human Emotion Psychologists have shown for the first time that horses are able to distinguish between positive and negative human facial expressions The Guardian

New Jersey Man Slays Child Ann Coulter

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Trump and Sanders: The Founder's Worst Nightmare
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Only a Barbaric Nation Drafts Its Mothers and Daughters into Combat National Review

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Who of the Candidates Has Fairest Tax Plan of All? Stephen Moore

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