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Blatant Fearmongering Nancy Pelosi: ‘Too Late’ for Trump Admin to Stem Coronavirus Outbreak House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) on Wednesday accused the Trump administration of responding “too late” to halt the possible spread of China’s deadly coronavirus in the United States.

Trump Campaign Sues New York Times For Libel
The campaign is seeking millions of dollars in damages for what it claimed was The Times’ false claims that the Trump campaign had “a conspiracy with Russia” during the 2016 election.

Hmm... Rogue CDC Official Pushing Coronavirus Panic Button is Rod Rosenstein’s Sister Dr. Nancy Messonnier, an official in the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), held a conference call with media and pushed a panic narrative around the Coronvirus that ran counter to the Trump administration. What makes the statements by Dr. Messonnier even more interesting is the fact she is the only sister of former DOJ Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein ConservativeTreehouse

Sanctuary Squeeze Appeals Court: Trump Administration Can Withhold Funds From Uncooperative Cities, States A federal appeals court on Wednesday handed a major win to the Trump administration in its fight against “sanctuary” jurisdictions, ruling that it can deny grant money to states that refuse to cooperate with federal immigration authorities.

Blaming Trump Lawmakers Raise Alarms Over Trump Coronavirus Response Lawmakers in both parties on Tuesday expressed growing alarm that the threat of coronavirus in the United States is serious, and that the Trump administration is not doing enough to fight it. The Hiil

0 Infected - 0 Dead San Francisco Declares State Of Emergency Over Coronavirus The mayor of San Francisco declared a state of emergency over coronavirus fears on Tuesday shortly after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a warning that the U.S. will likely see more cases. Fox

Chicago Mayor Vows to Make Jussie Smollett Accountable for 'Total Hoax’ Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot said that actor Jussie Smollett needs to “prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law” for staging a fake racist and homophobic attack last year in which the Empire star claimed that he was assaulted by a pair of Trump supporters Breitbart

Memo To Omar: New Trump Agency Strips Citizenship From Foreign Terrorists, Criminals The Trump administration is establishing a new section within the Justice Department to deal with the process of removing citizenship from foreign-born individuals who fraudulently obtained citizenship by failing to disclose past convictions for serious crimes -- including terrorism and war crimes.

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Senile Or Just Plain Stupid? Joe Biden Claims He ‘Saved Millions of Lives’ from Ebola Former Vice President Joe Biden claimed he played a role in saving “millions of lives” in the United States during the Ebola epidemic that occurred during the Obama administration. Breitbart

Eight Elected Officials Announce Party Switch, Join Mississippi Republican Party The Mississippi Republican Party is welcoming some new members and all of them were elected public offices as Democrats or Independents in this most recent election cycle

Leftist Priorities House Dem Introduces Bill to Create Third Gender Option on Passports Americans who do not identify as either a man or a woman would be able to choose a third non-binary gender option on their passport under a bill proposed by a House Democrat on Monday. National Review

Alert Bernie Sanders Defends Fidel Castro's Socialist Cuba Sen. Bernie Sanders, the frontrunner for the Democrats' presidential nomination, doubled down on his support for some of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro's policies, saying in an interview that aired Sunday, "it's unfair to simply say everything is bad."

Another Brain Freeze Joe Biden Says He’s ‘Candidate for the United States Senate’ Former Vice President Joe Biden made yet another gaffe Monday, saying in a South Carolina campaign speech that he is a “candidate for the United States Senate” and that people could “vote for the other Biden” if he is not their preferred presidential candidate.

Reality Bites Fox News Prime-Time Lineup Delivers Highest Ratings in 24-Year History Fox News achieved its highest ratings in its 24-year history, according to Nielsen Media Research, averaging 3.5 million total viewers in prime time during the month of February.
The Hill

Media Mum White House: Drug Prices Dropped 11 Percent Under Trump A White House Council of Economic Advisors (CEA) report released this week found that drug prices fell by more than 11 percent under President Donald Trump Breitbart

Rise of the Machine Amazon Opens Cashierless Supermarket Amazon Go Grocery will open in Seattle on Tuesday. It uses an array of cameras, shelf sensors and software to allow shoppers to pick up items as varied as organic produce and wine and walk out without stopping to pay or scan merchandise Wall Street Journal

Of Interest Congress Makes Lynching Federal Crime, 65 Years After Emmett Till Sixty-five years after 14-year-old Emmett Till was lynched in Mississippi, Congress has approved legislation designating lynching as a hate crime under federal law. Newsmax

Alert Boston Mulls Income-Based Parking Ticket Fines A new proposal on the docket in Boston on Wednesday could determine how much residents pay for parking tickets. ABC


ABC Preps 'BACHELOR' Spinoff for Seniors “Now casting Seniors Looking for Love! Are you entering your golden years and looking for romance? The Producers of ‘The Bachelor’ are looking for active and outgoing single men and women IN THEIR GOLDEN YEARS for a new exciting dating show!
The Wrap

First Woman Set to Pass Special Forces Training and Join Green Berets A National Guard soldier is set to become the Army’s first female Green Beret in coming weeks, according to military officials, following the Pentagon’s opening of all combat and Special Operations jobs to women in 2016.

Scientists Discover First-Known Animal That Doesn't Need Oxygen Researchers have discovered the only known animal that does not need oxygen to survive, a common parasite that largely preys on salmon. USA Today

Heads Up
Indian Man to Sue Parents for Giving Birth to Him A 27-year-old Indian man plans to sue his parents for giving birth to him without his consent. Mumbai businessman Raphael Samuel told the BBC that it's wrong to bring children into the world because they then have to put up with lifelong suffering BBC

Study Green New Deal Would Cost Swing-State Households Around $75G in First Year A new study claims that progressives' Green New Deal (GND) would impose around $75,000 in average annual costs for households in key battleground states -- raising questions as to how climate politics will impact voter sentiment going into the 2020 elections.


Heads Up 40,000 Bees Attack Police, Firefighters in California A swarm of 40,000 “very aggressive” bees attacked police and firefighters Friday afternoon, forcing the closure of a street in Pasadena, California, CNN reports.
Sacramento Bee

Culture New Report Finds Only 16% of Millennials Qualify as ‘Financially Literate’ As the report notes, the millennials (defined as individuals 18-37 in 2018) “demonstrate lower basic financial literacy levels while at the same time being more likely to overestimate their own financial knowledge.”

Of Interest Leonardo Show Smashes LOUVRE All-Time Record Nearly 1.1 million people flocked to see a blockbuster Leonardo da Vinci exhibition at the Louvre in Paris before it closed Monday -- an all-time record -- the museum said. Yahoo


Survey People Who Nap More Productive, Happier If you’re looking for a way to improve your day-to-day productivity, finding some time to take a nap could be the answer, according to a survey of 2,000 Americans. Study Finds

Of Interest Fish That Survive Out of Water for Years Could Stop Aging in Humans A fish that can halt the process of ageing and survive out of water for years could help humans track down the fountain of youth, researchers have claimed. Daily Star

Stupid Stuff Man With 'Crime Pays' Forehead Tattoo Arrested Again An Indiana man with a “Crime Pays” tattoo on his forehead has been arrested after yet another police chase.

Stop, Question and Frisk Walter Williams

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Sorry, Democrats: Party's Over American Thinker

Coming To America: Then And Now Townhall

White Choir Sings Black Spirituals and All Hell Breaks Loose Todd Starnes

Do Not Panic Over the Coronavirus Medium

The Monstrous Lie Behind CrowdStrike American Greatness

Why Public Schools Are So Likely To Teach Leftist Propaganda
The Federalist

Inside America's Autopsy Crisis DNYUZ

Why They Hate Trump American Thinker

6 Reasons Mike Bloomberg Can Win The Nomination The Federalist

Democrats Push 'The Russians Are Coming!' Hoax (again) Forbes

Bloomberg Needs to Take Down Sanders- Immediately CNN

Canada: A Dead Country Walking
PJ Media
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