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Above The Law Trey Gowdy: Hillary Clinton Wiped Her Server Clean Hillary Clinton did not hand over new documents to the House panel investigating Benghazi and wiped her server clean of past emails, the committee’s chairman said in a statement Friday Politico

Arabs Form Joint Military Force Arab leaders agreed on Sunday to form a joint military force after a summit dominated by a Saudi-led offensive on Shiite rebels in Yemen and the threat from Islamist extremism. Yahoo

Man vs God
Thousands Protest 'Religious Freedom' Law In Indiana Thousands of people gathered in downtown Indianapolis on Saturday to protest the passage this week of a controversial "religious freedom" law that critics say could allow discrimination against gays and lesbians.
USA Today

Netanyahu: Obama's Iranian Nuclear Deal Much Worse Than Feared Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu condemned on Sunday the framework Iranian nuclear agreement being sought by international negotiators, saying it was even worse than his country had feared.

New Wave 'Thousands' of Unaccompanied Children Crossing Border Unaccompanied children crossing the southern border into the United States still number in the thousands, probably the tens of thousands CNSNews

Republican Senator Introduces Ban on Federal Gun Control Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah) has proposed an amendment that would ban federally mandated gun control. Lee’s amendment would ban any future gun control from lawmakers that fails to garner “two-thirds of senators” in support Breitbart

Fiorina Says 90+ Percent Chance She’s Running In 2016 Former CEO and potential Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina said Sunday the probability she’ll formally start a 2016 campaign is “higher than 90 percent” and that she will likely announce in early April or mid-May Fox

Decorated Boston Police Officer in Coma After 'Unprovoked' Shooting A police officer decorated for his role in the Boston Marathon bombing remains in critical condition in a medically induced coma after he was shot in the face during a traffic stop ABC


VA Schools Banning Zeroes To Avoid Hurt Feelings Even though Virginia is one of only a few states not having to deal with the alleged "dumbing down" of the controversial Common Core, many parents statewide are now concerned with the proposed ban on zeroes from the classroom so that students' feelings aren't hurt GOP USA

Hollywood Stars Condemn Mike Pence For Signing Religious Objections Bill A number of Hollywood celebrities have taken aim at Indiana Gov. Mike Pence after the governor signed a religious objections bill into state law on Thursday

Man vs God Angie's List Halts Indiana Expansion Over Religious Freedom (anti-gay?) Law Add Angie's List to the roster of companies and business interests taking a stand against Indiana's new religious freedom law TZ

The Tyranny of Political Correctness Washington State Florist Fined For Refusing To Service Gay Wedding A judge in Washington state on Friday fined a florist $1,000 after she refused to sell flower arrangements for a gay couple's wedding, officials said Ottawa Sun

Kansas To Allow Concealed Guns Without Permit Gov. Sam Brownback expected to sign bill Kansas will join a handful of other states that allow their residents to carry concealed firearms without a permit after a bill backed by the National Rifle Association was approved KETV

How Your Smart TV Is Watching You When you sit down to watch television, you probably don't imagine that your TV is also watching you. But Consumer Reports says that new models of some popular brands of smart TVs can record and share information about everything you watch ABC

Harry Reid Says He Won’t Seek Re-Election Senator Harry Reid, the tough tactician who has led Senate Democrats since 2005, will not seek re-election next year, bringing an end to a three-decade congressional career New York Times

No Dissent Allowed! Climate Denial is Immoral, Says Head of US Episcopal Church The highest ranking woman in the Anglican communion has said climate denial is a “blind” and immoral position which rejects God’s gift of knowledge. The Guardian


Special Forces Set To Swarm Southwest Seven Southwestern states will soon be infiltrated by 1,200 military special ops personnel as part of a controversial domestic military training in which some of the elite soldiers will operate undetected among civilians. Daily Mail

Report FBI Figures Tweaked To Show Phony Increase In Mass Shootings Crime stats published by the FBI and relied upon by the media distort the gun violence and leave the public with the impression "mass shooting" incidents are a much bigger threat than they really are, according to a criminologist and Second Amendment scholar Fox

Media Hail Monica Lewinsky: New Feminist Icon? Despite the fact that feminists attacked Monica Lewinsky during the Clinton-era, calling her “slutty” and a “trashy bimbo” among other things, feminists are now embracing her as an “inspiring” figure against the tide of “slut-shaming.” Newsbusters

Christie Says Tax Revenue From Pot Sales Is 'Blood Money' Gov. Chris Christie is reiterating his opposition to legalizing marijuana for recreational use and says tax revenue from sales of the drug amount to "blood money My 9


Video: DC Delegate's Bad Parking Job Becomes Viral Sensation Unbelievable Video. Call it the parking job seen 'round the web. A video has gone viral of D.C. Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton executing an objectively poor parking job -- even by Washington standards

Cool Stuff Night Vision EyeDrops Allow Sight In Darkness It might sound like something straight out of Q’s laboratory or the latest Marvel film but a group of scientists in California have successfully created eye drops that temporarily enable night vision. Independent

Friday Daily Presidential Tracking Poll: 0bama Job Approval @ 47% The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll shows that 47% of Likely Voters at least somewhat approve of Obama's job performance. 52% disapprove Rasmussen


NY Gang Boss Resurfaces As Recruiter At Fla. Mosque Marcus Dwayne Robertson, 46, a former U.S. Marine known to his supporters at his Orlando-based Fundamental Islamic Knowledge Seminary as “Abu Taubah,” is suspected of sending young proteges abroad for terror training. Fox

Sci-fi Cloaking Device Could Protect Soldiers From Shock Waves A researcher at the defense company Boeing has filed a patent for a sci-fi-esque cloaking device that would protect soldiers from intense shock waves generated by explosions. Fox

Clinton Camp Warns Us Not to Use Certain "Sexist" Words The Clinton campaign has issued a list of words and terms to the Drive-By Media in the form of a threatening e-mail to a New York Times infobabe telling them, "These are the words you cannot use to describe Mrs. Clinton."
Rush Limbaugh


Sigh Meet the 'Gay Sweater' Made from the Hair of 100 LGBT Kids It's the "the world’s first and only gay object." Meet the Gay Sweater, an apparel item knitted from the hairs of more than 100 LGBT kids
Truth Revolt

Mercedes-Benz Launching Midsize Pickup By End of Decade The pickup is about to get a rethink from Germany. In a rather surprising announcement, Mercedes-Benz says that it's planning to have a midsize truck on the market before the end of the decade

Exploring Your 'Inner Child' Grown-Ups Pay Big Bucks To Attend 'Adult Preschool' In NYC "I realized all the implications of what we learn in preschool," said founder Michelle Joni- "People come here and get in touch with their inner child. It's magical."

The Full Monty? Assisted Living Facility Bares All For Calendar The stars of a charity calendar are in their 80s and 90s, but that didn't stop the men and women from an assisted living facility in Ohio from showing a little skin. Fox


Strange Stuff Scientists Plan To Mine Human Feces For Precious Metals More than 7 million tons of biosolids—treated sewage sludge—pass through US wastewater facilities annually. Contained within our shit are surprisingly large quantities of silver, gold, and platinum. Motherboard

100-Year-Old Car Salesman Still Working Six Days A Week Derrell Alexander, who started his career as a salesman when gas was 17 cents per gallon, celebrated his 100th birthday last week at Whites Mountain Chevrolet in Casper, where he still works six days a week UPI

Monica Lewinsky Lectures America Brent Bozell

Ted Cruz Doesn't Have A Prayer Salon

Is There a Realistic Ted Cruz Scenario? Jonathan Tobin Commentary

The Greed of Super Wealthy Liberal Colleges Is Astounding American Thinker

Four (Black) Cops Killed in Seven Days -- Where's the Outrage? Larry Elder

Can Christianity Survive the Sexual Revolution? Crisis Magazine

Hey, Pretty Boy: Do You Actually Know What's In The News? Ann Coulter

Electric Cars Leave Behind A Cloud Of Carbon Dioxide
 Investors Business Daily

Good Riddance, Dirty Harry National Review

A Tale Of Two Rapes Mark Steyn

The Death Throes of Common Core Canada Free Press

Gentrify! John Stossel

Bowe Bergdahl, Deserter Robert Spencer

Some People Just Want to Be Ruled, and Some Just Don’t Townhall

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