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War On Terror

The U.S. Is Finally Kicking Butt
Nancy Morgan
January 11, 2007

As the Dems struggle mightily to focus the debate on their supposed 'mandate' for appeasement and surrender in the liberals continue to whine about the 'legality' and 'inhumanity' of Saddams execution...
In the real world, the U.S. is finally kicking butt and taking names.
In the last two weeks, the U.S. has started acting like it's in a real war. Consider:
* Last week, 1,000 U.S. and Iraqi troops engaged in a massive, week long battle with the terrorists in Baghdad in a serious effort to secure Baghdad.
* Bush  announced a crackdown on Syria and Iran (finally) and has declared, "We will interrupt the flow of support from Iran and Syria. We will seek out and destroy the networks providing advanced weaponry and training to our enemies in Iraq"
Following words with action, U.S. forces stormed the Iranian consulate in northern Iraq yesterday, carting off computers and detaining five Iranian 'diplomats.' 

* We're finally showing our stuff in Somalia. All last week, U.S. troops carpet bombed militant training camps and specific terrorists. Somali officials have reported that the mastermind of the 1998 embassy bombings was killed. Granted, we're about 8 years late meting out American justice to the bad guys that killed over 200 Americans but, hey. They're now toast. Literally. I'm smiling.
* The Bush administration has gone from rhetoric to action by finally slapping real life sanctions on Iran's state bank, Bank Sepah. Their assets have been frozen, meaning 'No Longer Available To Terrorists'. As an added bonus, U.S. citizens and companies are now officially banned from doing business with them. This is bound to crimp their 'paygo' efforts.
* Last night, Bush formally announced a change in strategy. The benign description liberals use to obfuscate the reality is 'surge'. I call it an escalation, long overdue. 21,500 new troops dedicated to finally wiping out the bad guys as opposed to just 'helping' the Iraqis do it. Tough action and very bad news for the terrorists. Now terrorists will have to spend their time on survival instead of perfecting their video production  techniques. I'm laughing.
* As an added bit of good news:
Remember Australia? She's been one of our staunchest allies. Australia has reaffirmed their total support for Bush's new policy and our new offensive. Our Asian allies, Japan and South Korea offered early support. This may be news to most of you as the only coverage in the news is how France doesn't agree with Bush. The media should take a cue from 'move-on.' France hasn't been our ally in this war. In fact, France has actively worked against U.S. interests. So however France 'feels' is pretty irrelevant to current reality. We've finally moved on.
* Iraqi prime Minister Maliki has just announced a crackdown on militias. This time, he may mean it. He has forcefully demanded (not asked) Shiite insurgents to surrender their weapons or face an all out assault. Time will tell if he is serious...but it is clear that Bush has laid down some very specific action guidelines for Iraq. Finally. Good deal.
* Meanwhile, in Afghanistan, we're on the offensive. The body count of Taliban fighters who have a chance to meet their 72 virgins is mounting daily. Just today, NATO announced another 150 terrorists have bitten the dust. We're cracking down. Even if you don't hear it reported in the 'mainstream' media.
If you connect all the above dots, I'd say we're finally getting tough and serious. In the meantime, the Democrats are holding 'symbolic' votes designed to pacify their lunatic fringe. Knowing all the while that there is no way they can garner a majority willing to cut funding for our troops. Kennedy is ranting about George Bush's Vietnam and Pelosi is finally finding out there is a difference between criticizing policy and implementing policy.
Let the media spin. Let the liberals whine. Let the Democrats posture. Give Sheehan the spotlight. Let the 'human rights' groups continue to demonize us. Give em more rope. They are doing more to discredit themselves than anything we could do.
In the meantime, we're finally on the right track. We've finally gotten serious. Bush appeased the left with his 'mea culpa' dance. He gave the left what they demanded, the long sought 'mistakes were made' speech, but meantime, back on the ranch, we're kicking butt. No matter how you spin it, we're finally playing offense. About time. 

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Posted by dep 1-11-07

Who cares if we're winning, we're killing a lot of the enemy. And doesn't that feel good? We are kicking ass and chewing bubble gum, and in Rambo fashion.

Posted by CaptBob 1-12-07

Once again, Miss Nancy, you are prescisely "on target" and I urge you to keep firing. George W. is frightened and needs all the support we can muster, defeating a cadre of rag heads is very simple, let the Marines fight now. We must kill millions of these Islamic bastards, this is going to take time & patience. I think von Clausewitz once said "once engaged in battle, there is no substitute for victory" Your Right Bias is useful and must be read widely, I send to my Marine associates in Iraq

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