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Global Warming

Chicken Little, Al Gore And Globaloney
Nancy Morgan
January 18, 2007

The good news is: The sky is not falling and the earth isn't melting.
The bad news is: A majority of Americans believe it is.
From headlines around the world, there seems to be but one consensus. The ice caps are melting, the earth is warming and it's all Bush's, er our fault. It's settled science and you're an ignorant, un-progressive conservative if you think otherwise.
Everything from Katrina to pimples is now blamed on global warming. If everyone believes it, it must be so. Using this logic, since over 90% of Americans believe in God, this must mean God exists.
Quick...tell me the first thing that pops into your mind when you read this recent headline:

 "Japan Hit By 16" Tidal Surge" 
Wow. On first glance, this is NEWS. My mind automatically linked it to other sensational stories dealing with supposed 'global warming.' 
Hold on... 16 Inches? Being a former surfer, I easily imagined a 16" surge..wave, whatever. It's comparable to the effect of burping in the bath tub. Even taking into consideration that men and women measure by different rulers. This is news???
The point being, anything, everything, having to do with climate is now linked to global warming. One forms an immediate assumption that a 16" tidal surge is somehow a unique and dangerous phenomenon. A daily, weekly, monthly, yearly drip, drip, drip of misleading links between ordinary events and calamitous climate change is bound to affect all but the brain dead. Oops, I take that back. It also affects many brain dead people I know.  
It's not as if one needs a doctorate in science to question this supposed 'crisis.' There is ample evidence that a giant hoax is being perpetrated. I'll get to the 'why' later. The larger question is: If 'global warming' is indeed a hoax, why do so many Americans believe it is a looming, dangerous crisis? Why are Americans willing to go along with an estimated $7,000 tax bite per family to fight this 'crisis'? (You're starting to get warm.)
To answer that question, lets go back to 1994. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change issued a formal (app. 25 pound) report. This UN committee is the self-anointed leading arbiter in matters of 'climate change.' (Despite its' vested interest...) In any case, at the very bottom of this report, tucked away on the last page, was this paragraph: "There is no scientific data conclusively proving man is responsible for this warming."
A summary of the report was then generated for the media. After all, one can't expect journalists to slug through hundreds of pages of dry....whatever. In what I'm sure was an oversight, the crucial paragraph was not included in the media synopsis. What WAS included were 'probable' scenarios wherein man is now the culprit when the weather changes. Scuse me, white American men are the culprits. The 16 billion people who lack access to electricity and burn our precious forests for food and heat are magically given a pass.
Pretty soon, the media has a vested interest in global warming. Who wants to print a retraction of this magnitude? Besides, a good crisis is red meat for the media. Real or imagined.
This mentality started justifying the non-reporting of dissenting views. Prime example: Who among you is aware of a petition signed by 15,000 scientists refuting the IPCC report? For that matter, how many of you have heard any dissenting views on this issue that weren't roundly ridiculed by the so-called experts? I rest my case.
Keep in mind, all the predictions you hear are based on the worst case scenario. A scenario that is defined by punching a set of variables into a computer and seeing what comes out. GIGO (garbage in, garbage out) Just last month, the U.N. said "Ooops. We were off in our predictions by 50%. Sorry."

This is the 'science' on which we are being asked to radically alter our way of life. From ditching our SUV's to coughing up hefty tax increases to imposing onerous costly regulations on businesses. All under the guise of environmental stewardship. 
Let's jump to the 'Why' of this issue. What's in it for who? As in 'who benefits?' if we all believe global warming is indeed a crisis. Well, when a 'crisis' is announced, just like a state of emergency, all sorts of extra money becomes available. Gobs and gobs of it.
If the crisis can be sustained, why, then we need to study it. It doesn't take a genius to realize that the flow of money is dependent on the perceived problem getting worse. Heck, Jesse Jackson figured that out years ago.
A whole industry has now been spawned that is totally dependent on creating and sustaining this wholly natural phenomenon. Grants flow to those who conform. Those who question the prevailing mantra are cut off. 'Follow the money' has never been so apt.
Millions of dollars are being made in the trading of 'carbon emissions' . The politically connected traders have got the best of both worlds. They can make a huge profit on air while at the same time, patting themselves on the back and gaining moral brownie points for being 'environmentally conscious'. Some deal.
It would be a mistake, however, to believe this whole non-crisis is fueled by money and greed. Nope. Money is merely the carrot used to keep the donkey trudging along. The carrot is being offered by the ideologues. The secular progressives who are using global warming as a way to further their agenda. Consider:
In a classic case of the cure being worse than the disease, the proposed solutions for this non-problem eerily echo the stated goals of socialists and Marxists i.e.; population control, redistribution of wealth and more government control. Coincidence? Maybe, unless one remembers way back to 1970. Then, the crisis du jour was Global Cooling. Oddly enough, the proposed solutions for both cooling and warming are the same.
Whitaker Chambers once said: "The most important choice a man will ever make is when he chooses God or man." The secular progressives, having been quite successful at banning God from the public square, can now count on an army of 'relative, post modernists' (translation: liberals) to further their 'global warming' cause with something akin to religious fervor. Belief in 'Mother Earth' has replaced belief in God.
Human nature being what it is, it's only natural for man to yearn to believe in something higher than himself. It's one of our most powerful urges and also the one most open to manipulation. Hence the ease of recruiting millions of Americans into fighting this bogus environmental jihad.
The global warming issue does not lend itself to easily digested sound bytes. The science is complicated and the outcomes are a matter of interpretation. In this era of spin over substance, many well meaning Americans are persuaded by whoever packages the issue in the most understandable form. Even if it is misleading and untrue. Like Al Gore. Heck, Scotland just made his film mandatory. Such is the desire to validate and perpetuate this supposed 'crisis'.
The earth is indeed warming. Last century, temperatures increased an average of one degree. (This warming all happened before 1940, by the way.) There has been absolutely no evidence to suggest this warming is anything other than the normal climate fluctuations we've had for thousands of years. And there, for sure, is no science proving man is responsible.

The more perplexing issue is why so many Americans will now fire off a heated rebuttal to this article instead of going to and checking the veracity of Gore's film. At worst, this proves they are what Stalin termed 'useful idiots'. At best, it proves they are intellectually lazy. Either way, they will continue to fight to the death for an agenda they have been spoon fed, which they never question. Sound familiar?


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Posted by: shaneleech 1-23-07

You are a stupid ignorant woman! Perhaps when you turn the color of your party then you can start believing what is without a doubt the obvious result of bitches like you driving around in your big ass SUV's

Posted by: gammason 1-25-07

If, and I say IF global warming is a problem, then I say it is caused by idiot leftwingers flapping their jaws and blowing all that hot air.

Posted by: e-doderer 1-26-07

Good job! And what about water vapor ie humidity? It amounts to about 94% of all greenhouse gas. Google water vapor and greenhouse gas. I'm inclined to believe warming and cooling is caused by solar activity cycles.

Posted by: robertlhess in response to shanaleech post

"You are a stupid ignorant woman! Perhaps when you turn the color of your party then you can start believing what is without a doubt the obvious result of bitches like you driving around in your big ass SUV's"(sic) Lemme guess - you're a liberal.

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