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A Shyster, A Socialist And A Man Of Color Other articles by this author  

A Shyster, A Socialist And A Man Of Color
Nancy Morgan
January 28, 2008

The current crop of Democrat candidates for president is a testament to America’s recent obsession with form over substance. Each candidate represents a façade totally at odds with the qualities and character required to be an effective leader.

Let’s start with John Edwards. By any measure, he qualifies as a shyster. A smooth talking, totally persuasive individual who has made his enormous fortune by fooling people into acting on their emotions rather than the facts. This has become a hallmark of the left, even outlined in a DNC memo a few months ago.

By ‘channeling’ a dead girl, Edwards persuaded numerous juries to award multi-million dollar settlements against doctors by blaming cerebral palsy on medical care during delivery. This argument has since been debunked but only after many doctors have been sued out of existence and thousands of patients have lost their health care. Thanks to John Edwads. 

Edwards has chosen the proven strategy of class warfare to advance his political fortunes. He claims to be a champion of the downtrodden middle-class. The only problem is, this too, is a false argument, as Thomas Sowell points out in his article Dangerous Demagoguery: Part 2

Edwards promises to “ban all lobbyists from the White House staff." Not from the White House, not from Congress, but from the staff of the White House. Americans may now rest easy knowing the White House chef won’t be persuaded to vote for specialized earmarks. Whew.

Edwards got into this race knowing he had no chance. His motive, however, was to accrue power and influence. It’s worked. The media now refers to him as a 'king-maker,' and he has both Hillary and Obama promising him the world for his endorsement. Robert Novak reports that Obama has offered him the post of Attorney General. Hillary has to top that. Scary stuff. Oh, I almost forgot. What kind of man enters a campaign he knows he can't win, as his wife and the mother of his children is dying of cancer? 

Barak Obama, however, is even more dangerous than Edwards. Obama presents as a totally sincere, articulate (can I say that?) educated, savvy and very smart politician. To his credit, he has not played the race card, probably understanding that he already has the ‘white guilt’ vote sewed up.

Obama’s façade is presidential, no doubt about it. It’s only when you scratch the surface that one realizes his radical underpinnings and total lack of experience. A glaring example was Obama's off the cuff statement that he would "invade Pakistan." I don’t doubt his sincerity. I’m just horrified by his naivety.

Two years in the Illinois state senate does not qualify one to be president. Since he has no track record which would indicate how he would govern, Americans are left to analyze his past actions and past associations for a clue. Obama’s mentor and pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, is an active adherent of black separatism and a devoted follower of Farrakhan. The fact that Obama has chosen this guy as his mentor, his pastor, and as the man who married Obama to his wife, is a red flag. Another red flag is the fact that Obama has not renounced him. 

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Also worth mentioning is Obama’s attendance at an Islamic school as a child. Obama’s father was a Muslim and Obama’s middle name is Hussein. These factors gain in importance when coupled with the picture of Obama not pledging allegiance, his hand conspicuously by his side as others place it on their hearts.

I only hope someone manages to get a picture of him smoking. I daresay that would lose him more votes on the left than his Muslim background.

That leaves Hillary. Ahhh, Hillary... National Review stated that Americans know everything there is to know about Hillary. I totally disagree. Even Hillary states she has been ‘thoroughly vetted.' Not so.

I was one of the three Americans who actually investigated the Vince Foster  supposed suicide. A funny thing happened on the way to publishing my findings. Even conservative publications wouldn’t touch them. Hard, documented evidence of Hillary's complicity in myriad nefarious and illegal dealings never got released to the public. Any writer who dared investigate this woman immediately got consigned to the ranks of ‘Clinton-hater’ or a member of the vast right wing conspiracy. That remains true to this day. 

When Bill ascended to the White House, all US attorneys were immediately fired, putting a halt to the many ongoing investigation of the Clintons. Hillary calls this vindication. I call it obstruction of justice.

As with all the Clinton shenanigans, the complexity surrounding them makes it impossible to describe in sound-bite language. Having investigated the hundreds of scandals whirling around this couple, I can state unequivocally that Monica wasn’t the real scandal. It was a red herring designed to draw attention from the Chinese cash which enabled Boy Clinton to be re-elected in 1996. And also allowed China to have access to our nuclear technology. This same Chinese cash may well enable Hillary to become our next president. 

With Hillary, as with the other two Democrats vying for the presidency, I can only shudder. And marvel that so many people have been so fooled. Decent, hardworking, sincere, patriotic Americans have been fed information totally at odds with reality. And fully half of all Americans have fallen for it.

Nancy Morgan is a columnist and news editor for conservative news site
She lives in South Carolina

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