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Hillary On The Hotseat Other articles by this author  

Hillary On The Hotseat
Nancy Morgan
August 28, 2007

One need look no further than today's Wall Street Journal to figure out why the left has been so adamantly opposed to its sale to Rupert Murdoch. The Wall Street Journal has had the audacity, the effrontery, to challenge, actually challenge, one of the left's most cherished shibboleths: Queen Hillary.
Doing what 'mainstream' journalists have failed to do for, oh, the last ten years or so (except when a Republican is president), the WSJ today put the 'investigate' back in 'investigative journalism.'
Following up on records of campaign donations with the FEC, the WSJ stumbled across something odd. The Paw family, residing in a modest 1280 square foot home, has donated $45,000 to Hillary since 2005, and the contributions of the family of six to other Democrat candidates since 2005, have totalled a whopping $200,000.
Connecting the dots, as good reporters do, they questioned how a 64-year-old postal worker came up with that kind of dough. A little more digging, of the kind not ever seen in Hillary's backyard, turned up another odd fact. One of Hillary's mojo fundraisers, Mr. Hsu, affectionately nicknamed "HillRaiser," once listed the same modest address. Pretty shabby digs for such a mover and shaker. Hmm..
Reading this story was a shock. Not because of the facts it unearthed about Hillary and more 'alleged' campaign fraud, but because it drove home how long it has been since I've read anything remotely censorious about Hillary. Oh, the media will write about her cleavage, her marriage and her 'feelings', but a hard news story alleging actual facts? Whoa.
Now I'm connecting the dots. All those headlines arguing against conservative bad boy Rupert Murdoch gaining control of the Wall Street Journal start to make sense. What's to stop Murdoch from unleashing his reporters on other hard news stories? What's to keep him from lobbing hardball questions at Hillary like, say, her perjury in the Whitewater affair, or her dalliance with Vince Foster and possible culpability in his posed 'suicide?'
Come to think of it, maybe the Wall Street Journal will question Hillary's direct contradictions (that's liberal speak for lies) in the Travelgate affair, or the cover-up of her husbands' 'alleged' rape of Juanita Brodderick. Or ask her why she lied about such trivial things as the origins of her name and where Chelsea was on 9-11. Heaven forbid they should start looking into her and Bill's ties to questionable Chinese characters bearing gifts.
The left has had a stranglehold on the media for forty years. Now that iron grip is losing strength, what with the internet, talk radio and Fox News (another target of the left, what a coincidence). The ability to frame what issues are allowed to be part of the national dialogue has long been their exclusive province. And they have abused this privilege by failing to report on stories that don't fit their liberal, utopian world-view. (That's conservative speak for 'fake but accurate'). It's kinda like lying by omission.
No matter how flat the pancake, there are always two sides. If today's Wall Street Journal story and the outraged howls on the left are any indication, I predict we'll soon be getting both sides of the pancake. And maybe average Americans will also have the choice as to how much and what kind of syrup is served with it. This is good.
Nancy Morgan is a columnist and news editor for
She lives in South Carolina

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