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Media Ignore Success In Iraq Other articles by this author  

Bad News For Democrats
Nancy Morgan
October 5, 2007

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the highest ranking elected woman in the U.S., was on a Fox morning show Thursday. With the utmost sincerity and barely concealed outrage, she described the situation in Iraq as, "A war without end that is a total failure."
Meanwhile, in Ramadi, once considered the heart of the resistance to the U.S.-led coalition, Iraqis were holding a victory parade, celebrating the defeat of the terrorists. - Iraqi Unity Parade  Pelosi's outright falsehood was broadcast widely. The parade in Ramadi was not.
On Saturday, it was announced that more than 3,000 Iraqi families driven out of their Baghdad neighbourhoods have returned to their homes in the last three months. Again, this news was met with a deafening silence by the mainstream media. They were busy reporting on the Democrat-led effort to deny confirmation to Bush's nominee for Attorney General.
Last Wednesday saw another landmark in Iraq. Sheik Omar Jabouri, spokesman for the Iraqi Islamic Party said that al Qaeda had been "defeated mentally, and therefore is defeated physically." In other words, al-Qaeda is toast. This was also verified by Osama's last tape, where bin-Laden "let slip how badly al-Qaeda has been mauled by the Sunni sheikhs who have stopped fighting the US troops and turned on bin-Laden instead." All of a sudden, bin-Laden is echoing Rodney King's, 'Can't we all just get along?' In Arab-speak, this means al Qaeda has been defeated. This is true 'headline news' that, unfortunately, didn't make the news.
What did make the news? The new war on global warming. We learned that the Senate is hard at work crafting a global warming bill that would impose mandatory cuts in greenhouse gases - cuts that will affect virtually every segment of our economy. We also learned that Democrats are going to continue the push for SCHIP (expanded health insurance) knowing that it has no chance of passing. America can rest easy knowing that Democrats are out there fighting for the children - instead of fighting against the terrorists.
Last week saw a turnaround in Iraq, according to any measure. October marked the lowest monthly death toll for American troops in two years, 36 fatalities. On Friday, there were no reported shootings or bombings and it was the second day this year that the sectarian death toll fell below 10.
As Gen. Ray Odierno, commander of the Multinational Corps in Iraq reported, "There is a clear rejection of al Qaeda and other extremists by large segments of the population. This is coupled with a bottom-up awakening movement by Sunni and Shia who want a chance to reconcile with the government in Iraq." 

This good news went largely unreported. The media focusing instead on the truly vital news that Congress will be holding hearings in order to ascertain the link between global warming and the California wildfires.
Last week, British forces announced they are going to transfer responsibility for security in Basra province to Iraq's government in December. Last week, the U.S. military turned over the war-torn Karbala province to Iraqi security forces. In Ramadi, women police officers picked up their first pay checks. Truly extraordinary news all around. But hey, you can't hear the sound of one hand clapping. At least that's what the left is hoping.

Good news out of Iraq is bad news for Democrats. 
The good news is, the left has been unsuccessful in their efforts to sabotage the war on terror and the war in Iraq. Despite great odds, Iraq has stayed unified. As Sky News Australia News reported, violence is falling and security is increasing. Iraq's official estimate of civilian deaths from violence is now about 25 a day. Al Qaeda has been crippled. No Iraqi city is under terrorist control. Insurgents rule 'nowhere.' Minority Sunni leaders are now co-operating in government with Shiite ones. Iraq has a vigorous media. A democratic constitution has been adopted and backed by popular vote. By any measure, it is safe to say our mission is definitely on the way to being accomplished.
Taking a cue from AlGore, the left has decided to ignore any evidence that doesn't conform with their version of reality. The left, along with their enablers in the mainstream' media, cling to the notion that it isn't news unless the mainstream media reports it. This is called cognitive dissonance - the belief that if they don't acknowledge certain realities, maybe they'll just go away. The flip-side of their 'fake but accurate' template.
Success in Iraq is a total refutation of the left. The fact that 'Bush's war' may be responsible for freeing 25 million Iraqi from the yoke of a tyrannical dictator is their worst nightmare. And it's becoming a reality. Bad news for democrats. Good news for America, Iraqis and the rest of the free world. Made possible by the steadfastness of President Bush and the honor, bravery and blood of America's young men and women who have sacrificed so much. They have done America proud. And shame on those who ignore their success. 

Nancy Morgan is a columnist and editor for

She lives in South Carolina

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