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Idiots Of The Week Awards Archives  

Too much plastic surgery
Idiots Of The Week
Nancy Morgan
November 12, 2008

The winner of this week's Top Idiot of the Week is a plastic surgery addict who still didn't like what she saw in the mirror, so she injected cooking oil into her face. She's now a monster.
In a close second is a guest at an Iraqi wedding. He discovered the perils of multitasking, as he tried to juggle a loaded weapon and a kid - while drunk. Caution: Being stupid can be dangerous to your health - and to the health of those around you.
Steve Lipski, a two-term Jersey City councilman, decided to do in public what he does behind closed doors. He peed on a crowd of concert goers from the balcony of a DC nightclub. He's now one pissed off dude after being arrested for simple assault.

Arizona State Supreme Court Chief Justice Ruth McGregor earns a place on our list - for kowtowing to the Hispanic Bar Association's request to ban the terms 'illegal' and 'aliens' in all of the state courtrooms.
An election reporter from the UK found himself on YouTube - drunk, and confessing to plagiarism. Oops.
The Prime Minister from Antigua makes the list. He wants to rename his island's highest peak 'Mount Obama'.
A rapist got his just rewards for going back to the well too many times. His intended victim, a woman he had raped once before, shot him dead when he went back for seconds. Who says there's no justice??
More justice, as another pervert got his just rewards. An idiot from Michigan got a little too friendly with the vacuum cleaner at his car wash, with predictable results. Ouch! He's now in police custody for indecent exposure.
He's baaack... Father Earth algore retains his weekly inclusion on our Idiots List. Gore now wants to focus the internet's power on saving the earth. We wish him luck, but last we heard, Obama has already gotten that job. I'm smiling fondly:)

First place for group idiocy goes to a nudist colony in Florida. These over-empowered 'free-spirits' decided the constitution allows them their own clothing optional polling site.
Second place goes to the down and depressed members of an apocalyptic sect in New Mexico. The judgement day they were expecting last week didn't arrive. Oh, darn.
A woman in Japan has been arrested for calling the police 7,177 times. Apparently the office didn't take her complaint seriously. I wonder if she had roll-over minutes.
New England Patriot's cheerleader, Caitlin Davis, got the boot after her Facebook page was discovered. This idiot actually posted swastikas, penises, and anti-Semitic slurs for all the world to see.
A Japanese air force major was caught shopping for women's underwear - while naked. I'm sure there's a moral in there somewhere.


Tip of the day: If you're going to do something stupid, don't get caught. If you do, make sure you notify for inclusion on our list. 

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