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RightBias Idiot Awards  

RightBias Idiot Awards
Nancy Morgan
October 5, 2009

Top Idiot Of The Week Award goes to far-left documentary film director Michael Moore who has become a millionaire thanks to the profits from his movies. He actually told that “capitalism did nothing” for him. The good news is, it appears his latest film Capitalism is tanking.
Former Clinton Labor Secretary Robert Reich qualifies for runner up for his inane statement: "The stimulus package is the thing that is actually keeping the economy up, keeping people employed." His audience laughed, which proves Americans aren't as stupid as the elites think they are.

Kevin Jennings, Obama's safe schools czar was teaching high school in 1988 when a gay student confessed an involvement with an older man. Rather than reporting it, he told the boy, "I hope you knew to use a condom." Inquiring minds want to know the idiot that appointed him.
Another czar makes the list: Obama science czar John Holdren stated in a college textbook that "illegitimate children" born to unwed mothers could be taken by the government and put up for adoption if the mother refused to have an abortion. This guy also qualifies as a useful idiot.
Hundreds of naked people gathered in a French vineyard to pose for photographer Spencer Tunick and illustrate the threat of global warming through art. Get it?

Last but not least: First lady Michelle Obama gave a tear-jerker of a speech during which she recounted that she sat on her father's lap while watching Carl Lewis' triumphs in the Olympics. But Carl Lewis's first Olympics was in 1984 when Michelle Obama was 20 years old. I guess Michelle figured the media wouldn't check it out. She was right. Does that mean she's not an idiot?

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