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Top Idiots Of The Week
Nancy Morgan
March 15, 2010


A Korean man has finally found happiness. He found the perfect mate and got married. The hitch -  his perfect mate is a large pillow with a picture of a woman on it. I hope they will be very happy. No word yet on any imminent little pillows.

A group of unrepentant hippes took to the woods in N. Carolina, moaning and crying over man's inhumanity to old growth forests. Of course they taped it so the world would know how much they care. And no, this video is not satire...they mean it. Words fail.


My former favorite actor, Sean Penn once again makes our list. This idiot took to the airwaves demanding that anyone who calls dictator Hugo Chavez a dictator should be sent to jail. He's not kidding.

Six city women seeking backside enhancements have been hospitalized in the last two months after getting injected with mixtures of hardware-grade caulk, silicone and petroleum jelly. These former hard asses apparently got a bum steer from their surgeon, who, alas, was unlicensed.

Not to be outdone, a 42 year-old woman who currently holds the title of world's fattest mother is setting her sights a bit higher. She is piling on the pounds in order to win the title of the world's fattest woman. Heavy stuff...

Dutch patients have decided that their rights include sexual services by their nurses, prompting a union representing these nurses to launch a national campaign opposing their demands. Who knows, in this era of rights instead of responsibilities, they may just win. If so, we'll have to remove them from our Idiot List. We'll keep you posted.

A Kansas man told police officers that he had been beaten and left with a head wound after he tried to buy drugs using Monopoly money. Sometimes, life just isn't fair.
A woman in California found that crime really does pay. After brandishing a gun at 11 people in a market, she got away with a total of six bucks.

President Obama stated that half of the 40,000 letters that pour into the White House every day brand him an idiot. Does that make him one? You decide. 


Till next week, watch out for idiots and try to keep smiling.
Nancy Morgan



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