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Nancy Morgan
Clinton And OJ: The Parallels
Nancy Morgan
Right Bias
December 5, 2006

You've got to hand it to OJ. As soon as you think he has fallen as low as a guy can go, he does something that lowers the bar even further. He keeps sinking to new depths. And we keep watching with a weird kind of fascination reserved for the truly
shameless, the truly outrageous behavior. I shake my head and think, "This is the
most shameless man I've ever seen."
Whoops! Hold on... Upon reflection I have to amend that statement to: "Here's a
man who has less shame than Bill Clinton"
Now, I'm not a 'Clinton hater.' As Christopher Hitchens pointed out, there is a difference between hate and contempt. My feelings fall in the latter category. Having spent eight years doing what no other American journalists dared to do (with the notable exception of Reed Irvine and Christopher Ruddy) namely, investigating the 'Clinton follies', I still marvel at the sheer depth and breadth of the many Clinton scandals.
I never thought I'd come across anyone who could match Bill Clinton for sheer audacity, shamelessness and moral vacuity. Until this last month, watching the outrageous efforts of OJ to cash in on murder. This got me to thinking how of many points of similarity there were Bill Clinton and OJ Simpson.
 Both have been caught telling world class whoppers
Clinton: Who can forget 'I never had sex with that woman...Monica Lewinsky' ?
Clinton has even been described by his peers as "..an unusually good liar"
OJ: "I'm innocent"
Total Lack Of Shame And/Or Remorse
Clinton: From selling out his friends to impeachment to numerous affairs and scandals, Clinton's response has been devoid of shame or remorse. Instead, he has been extremely effective in deflecting the issues by biting his trembling lip and impugning the motives of his accusers.
OJ: OJ not only shows no shame or remorse, he actively attacks and mocks his accusers.
Both Clinton and OJ are sorry only for getting caught.
Both Treat Women Like Dirt
Clinton: From Juanita Brodderick to Kathleen Wiley to Paula Jones, Clinton will turn on and destroy any woman who threatens him. 
OJ: Not only does OJ treat women like dirt, (numerous 911 calls from Nicole) he kills them.
Both Are Experts At Gaming The System
Clinton via Dick Morris and his 'war room'
OJ through his 'Dream Team'
Both Are Experts At Playing The Race Card
Racial rhetoric won OJ his freedom. It won Clinton the black vote.
Both Are Narcissists
With both Clinton and OJ, everything is always about them. Empathy is totally lacking in OJ. Clinton has at least mastered the ability to feign empathy but in the end, his actions show regard only for himself.
Both Exhibit Total Disregard For Family
OJ: His latest attempt to cash in on a book about the killings completely ignores the impact this will have on his children.
Clinton:  Has made a career of shaming Hillary through his numerous affairs and has actually required her to be an active participant in their cover up. To be fair, Clinton, at least, seems to have consideration for his daughter Chelsea.
Both Have Gotten Away Scott Free
OJ was declared 'not guilty' of murder by a jury - Clinton's crimes were never even seriously investigated. From the selling of our technology to China to Travelgate to Whitewater to Fostergate to illegal campaign contributions, etc, etc, Clinton has gotten a free pass.
Both Need The Spotlight
When either is out of the spotlight for too long, they come up with  a 'self created chaotic occurrence.'
With OJ, these occurrences include domestic disturbance calls from his current girlfriend to being arrested for drugs to making periodic wild proclamations. All of which end up with him back in the spotlight.
With Clinton we have his unprecedented, unseemly farewell from office, from the corridor walk reminiscent of "Rocky' to the pomp and ceremony designed to keep the cameras on him, even as Bush is taking the oath of office. Even out of office, rarely a month goes by where Clinton doesn't find a way to get the spotlight.
Both Are Experts At Denial
OJ has denied his part in the murders of his wife and Ron Goldman for so long that there is a very real possibility that he now believes his own lies.
Clinton has taken 'compartmentalization' to such lengths that it is possible he has totally forgotten any of his misdeeds. This is called cognitive dissonance.
Neither Take Responsibility For Their Actions
Both Clinton and OJ are firm in the TODDI defense. (The other dude did it)
OJ genuinely feels victimized by the families of Nicole and Ron Goldman calling them "professional victims, duping the U.S. public." With regards to his current book deal, OJ states, "It's all blood money and unfortunately I had to join the jackals." In other words, 'they made me do it.' Nothing is ever his fault. 
Clinton genuinely feels himself to be a victim of the 'vast right wing conspiracy.' Even when he is caught red handed, he somehow manages to make whatever happens to him the fault of others. From blaming his staff, to blaming Republicans, to blaming the media, Clinton himself is always blameless.
Duplicity In Financial Dealings
OJ announced to the world his intention to thwart collection of the millions he owes his victim's families. He continues to expend tremendous energies to hide, shelter or camouflage any income that could be attached.
Clinton has managed to convince the public that he is not interested in money, only in doing good. This is a false perception. Starting back in Arkansas with the murky financial dealings associated with his investment in Whitewater, to Hillary's unlikely options profit of $100,000 to the illegal campaign money from China, etc, Clinton has displayed continuing duplicity in financial matters, all the while fostering the perception that he is above it all.
Both Are Prone To Violent Outbursts
Dick Morris outlined in his book "Because He Could" several extreme, sudden and sometimes violent outbursts by Clinton. In one episode, Clinton actually wrestled Morris to the ground and was preparing to strike him before Hillary intervened.
With OJ, we have a documented pattern of extreme and violent behavior, both before and after the 'extreme and violent behavior' that put him on trial for murder. From numerous domestic disturbance calls to striking a motorist in a traffic altercation, OJ has proven time and again that violent outbursts are his preferred way of dealing with unpleasant situations.
The list of similarities between OJ and Clinton is endless and frightening in its implications.
OJ exhibits all the characteristics of a sociopath, but at least he is up front about it. Forewarned is forearmed.
With Clinton, the pathologies apparent in his behavior are more frightening. Paul Fick, PH.D attempted to explain them in his excellent book, 'The Dysfunctional President. Understanding the Compulsions of Bill Clinton.' He attributed much of Clinton's aberrant behavior to being 'the adult child of an alcoholic.' Fick made clear, however, that without Clinton's active cooperation, many of his pathologies will never be examined or accurately diagnosed.
Two men. Similar behaviour. One is reviled as a murderer. One is set on a pedestal. Go figure.
Nancy Morgan

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