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Star Parker:

Republicans Can Get More Black Votes...
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Alert Obama Budget Would Add Another $9.3 Trillion to the Debt Obama presented a budget to Congress on Tuesday that if enacted would add nearly $10 trillion to the national debt, according to the White House's projections Free Beacon

Republicans Shatter Turnout Record; Dems Lag Behind Republicans set a new turnout record Tuesday in New Hampshire’s primary, attracting more than a quarter of a million voters to the polls and offering evidence that most of the energy in the 2016 presidential race continues to be on the GOP side
Washington Times

New Hampshire
Trump Wins Voters In NH Trump not only won the Granite State by a wide margin, according to exit polls, Trump won the votes of every education demographic, including those with college and post-graduate degrees.

Go Figure.... After Crushing Defeat, DNC Quirk Still Gives Hillary More New Hampshire Delegates Than Sanders Sanders won 60 percent of the vote, but thanks to the Democratic Party’s nominating system, he leaves the Granite State with at least 13 delegates while she leaves with at least 15 delegates
Daily Caller

Media Malfeasance Report: Hillary's Press Operation 'Blackmailed' Reporters Hillary Clinton's press operation has reportedly "blackmailed" reporters by manipulating them into providing flattering coverage in exchange for perks. Newsmax

Politics and Religin Pope Francis Will Stand With Migrants at U.S. Border Pope Francis arrives in Mexico on Friday for a six-day visit that will end with a highly symbolic and potentially controversial act: the pontiff taking a stand on the fortified U.S. border to show solidarity with the migrants trying to cross it Wall Street Journal

Ben Carson: I’m Open to Being Donald Trump's Vice President Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson said on the day of the New Hampshire primary that he was open to serving as vice president under another candidate, specifically saying that he would be willing to sit down and discuss it with Donald Trump MSN

2016 Chris Christie To Suspend Presidential Campaign New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie plans to issue a statement Wednesday afternoon suspending his presidential campaign, The Washington Times has learned Washington Times


Government Schools 'White Guilt' Video Shown to High School Students Irks Community Some Henrico parents are outraged about a controversial video shown at Glen Allen High School. It tackles things like racial profiling and the school to prison to pipeline. NBC12

More 'Change'Released Felons Gain Right To Vote In Maryland Following Veto Override The Maryland Senate narrowly overrode Gov. Larry Hogan's final veto from last year's General Assembly session, paving the way to reinstate voting rights to felons before they complete probation or parole
Baltimore Sun

Desperately Seeking Gender Bias San Diego Backs Off Ban of 'Gender-Biased' Term 'Founding Fathers' San Diego officials have walked back a warning to city workers ahead of President's Day not to drop any F-bombs -- as in the phrase "Founding Fathers." Fox

What 'Rule of Law'? Homeland Security Budget Prepares For Record 75,000 Illegal Children Obama's latest budget predicts some 75,000 unaccompanied illegal immigrant children will sneak into the U.S. and have to be captured and cared for next year, suggesting the surge that began in 2014 will outlast this administration. Washington Times

Senate Report Illegal Immigrants Benefited From Up To $750M In ObamaCare Subsidies Illegal immigrants and individuals with unclear legal status wrongly benefited from up to $750 million in ObamaCare subsidies and the government is struggling to recoup the money, according to a new Senate report obtained by Fox News. Fox

Congress Considering Safe Zone for Persecuted Christians, Yazidis in Iraq Former Rep. Frank Wolf (R-VA) said that Congress is considering the creation of an autonomous region in Iraq to protect Christians and Yazidis from persecution by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), and criticized the State Department's lack of involvement in the ongoing discussions CNSNews

Unborn Babies Abortion Group Blasts Doritos Ad for Humanizing Fetuses The pro-abortion rights group NARAL Pro-Choice America attacked Doritos for “humanizing” a fetus depicted in ultrasound imaging in an ad promoting the popular snack chip that aired during the Super Bowl on Sunday night.
Gateway Pundit

Dissing America Iran Publishes Pictures of Captured U.S. Sailors Crying Iran has released new photographs in which at least one of the recently captured U.S. sailors is crying, according to a series of the pictures posted on social media. Free Beacon


War On Cops? Anti-Beyonce Rally Planned For Next Week Outside NFL Headquarters Controversy continues to swirl around Beyonce’s Super Bowl halftime show performance. The pop superstar is being accused of using her performance to attack police officers. CBS

Double Standard? Trump: Bush Family Used Eminent Domain To Build A Baseball Park Following attacks from primary rival Jeb Bush about his past use of eminent domain, Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump on Sunday accused the Bush family of using the practice to build a baseball stadium in Texas The Hill

Professor Who Wore Headscarf To Leave Christian College A Christian college near Chicago and a political science professor who wore a headscarf to show solidarity with Muslims have agreed to part ways Fox

More Than 20 Texas Towns Repeal Sex Offender Residency Law A broad legal challenge has led more than 20 towns in Texas to ease restrictions over the last few months on where sex offenders can live instead of fight a costly battle in court. Fox


U.S. Schools 'Flooded With Foreign Students' U.S. schools, already strapped for resources, are trying to provide special services, including ­English-language instruction and mental-health care for the flood of foreign students who are illegally crossing our borders
(leftist) Washington Post

'Never Let A Good Crisis Go To Waste' Obama Asking Congress For $1.8 Billion In Emergency Funding To Combat Zika Obama is asking Congress for more than $1.8 billion in emergency funding to help fight the Zika virus. Obama said the money would be used to expand mosquito control programs, speed development of a vaccine, develop diagnostic tests and improve support for low-income pregnant women. Fox


Potent? World First Home Sperm Testing Kit Will Measure Count And Quality Until now, self tests only indicated sperm count - ignoring the importance of semen quality, which could leave some men are falsely reassured Mirror

Of Interest UK Wants Authority To Serve Warrants In USA British and U.S. officials have been negotiating a plan that could allow British authorities to directly serve wiretap orders on U.S. communications companies in criminal and national security inquiries USA Today

Rise of the Machines There Are Now 260,000 Robots Working In American Factories There are now more than 260,000 robots working in U.S. factories. Orders and shipments for robots in North America set new records in 2015, according to industry trade group Robotic Industries Association
Market Watch

11-Year-Old Boy Convicted of Killing 8-Year-Old Girl An 11-year-old boy in Tennessee has been found guilty of murdering an 8-year-old girl after she and her sister refused to let him see their puppies.

Obamamerica America’s Economic Freedom Has Rapidly Declined Under Obama Millions of people around the world are emerging from poverty thanks to rising economic freedom. But by sharp contrast, America's economic freedom has been on a declining path over the past decade
Heritage Foundation

New Blood Test To Spot Five Deadly Cancers A blood test being developed by US scientists could pick up breast, bowel, lung, womb or stomach cancer at an early stage

Cool Stuff NASA Releases Stunning 360-Degree Mars Video Want to know what life is like on Mars? NASA has released an incredible 360-degree video that lets you scroll around the red planet’s surface. Fox


Clean Slate? You Can Soon Wipe Out Your Worst Memories Scientists have discovered a way to change how our brains perceive memories, which could leave bad flashbacks truly in the past. New York Post

Interesting Trivia 2015 Sets Record For Most Shark Attacks Experts say 2015 saw a record-setting 98 unprovoked shark attacks worldwide, including 30 in Florida alone. Fox

Rise of the Machines Robots Boost Warehouse Productivity By 800% The Locus robot can zip around a clothing warehouse larger than the size of six football fields. It can also work for 24 hours, without a break for lunch or a salary.
Tech Insider

Who Knew? Study: Horses Recognise Human Emotion Psychologists have shown for the first time that horses are able to distinguish between positive and negative human facial expressions The Guardian

Millennials Heed The Siren Call of Socialism Orange County Register

Toxic Words Thomas Sowell

Why Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Deserve the Black Vote (leftist) The Nation

Cruz Easily Won the New Hampshire GOP Debate Red State

Bernie's Stupid Free College Proposal Townhall

Bernie Sanders's New Hampshire Victory Speech: Terrifying American Thinker

Hillary's Sincerity Problem Jonah Goldberg

Trump and Sanders: The Founder's Worst Nightmare
 Weekly Standard

The March of Trump, and the Feel of Bern Mark Steyn

Why Ted Cruz Is Now The Republican Front-Runner Washington Examiner

Armageddon for the GOP Establishment National Review

Venezuela Is Socialist, Senator Sanders. Any Questions? Investors Business Daily

Sloppy Language and Thinking Walter Williams

Who of the Candidates Has Fairest Tax Plan of All? Stephen Moore

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