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Ted Cruz: My First Act As President Will Be To Undo Obama’s Unconstitutional Executive Orders Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) tells Breitbart News that if he’s elected President, one of his first actions will be to undo all of President Barack Obama’s unconstitutional executive orders Breitbart

SCLC Director Calls On Black Families To Arm Themselves The Rev. Samuel Mosteller, photographed at a 2013 rally at the Georgia State Capitol, on Tuesday advocated African-American families arm themselves in response to recent police shootings of unarmed black men Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Brown Orders California's First Mandatory Water Restrictions Gov. Jerry Brown, standing on a patch of brown grass in the Sierra Nevada that is usually covered with several feet of snow at this time of year, on Wednesday announced the first mandatory water restrictions in California history.
Los Angeles Times

Arkansas Governor Sends Religion Bill Back For Rewrite Republican Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson on Wednesday rejected a religion bill he had said he would sign into law, reversing course after a firestorm of criticism assailing such legislation as discriminating against gays and lesbian

US To Promise Up To 28 Percent Emissions Cut For Global Climate Treaty The US will offer a roughly 28 percent emissions cut as its contribution to a major global climate treaty nearing the final stages of negotiation, according to people briefed on the White House's plans. Fox

Iran Nuclear Negotiators Miss Crucial Deadline The extremely tense talks ran past a self-imposed deadline Tuesday as world leaders sought to limit Iran's nuclear capacity. AOL

Scientists Say New Study Is A ‘Death Blow’ To Global Warming Hysteria A new study out of Germany casts further doubt on the so-called global warming “consensus” by suggesting the atmosphere may be less sensitive to increases in carbon dioxide emissions than most scientists think. Daily Caller

Rise of the Food Police House Dem Calls For Tax On Sugary Drinks Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-Conn.) has introduced legislation to tax caloric sweeteners in beverages as a means of reducing obesity and other health conditions among Americans The Hill


Obama Commutes Sentences Of 22 People In Federal Prison President Obama on Tuesday shortened the prison sentences of nearly two dozen drug convicts, including some given life in prison for their crimes. Fox

Smoke and MirrorsObama Administration’s New Spending Website Rolls Back Transparency A redesign of a transparency website that provides information on federal spending by the Obama administration now makes it much more difficult to see how taxpayer dollars are spent.

Laura Ingraham Launching News Site Laura Ingraham, the conservative radio host and Fox News contributor, is planning to launch a new conservative news and opinion website, sources with knowledge of her plans told the On Media blog on Tuesday. Politico

Alert New Justice Dept. Policy Allows Authorities To Seize Suspicious Bank Accounts U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder has crafted a new policy that would allow government officials to seize bank accounts involved in financial structuring schemes prior to filing criminal charges against the individuals who own those accounts. Washington Times

Reality Bites The MSNBC Ratings Keep Getting Worse In both daytime and prime time, MSNBC endured its lowest quarterly demo numbers in a decade, and its total viewership since the final quarter of 2007 Politico

The Left Coast Sales Tax Will Hit 10% in Some Bay Area Cities April 1 Sales tax rates are going up in parts of California on Wednesday and will, for the first time, hit double digits in some Northern California cities. San Francisco Chronicle

Poll Republicans See Obama As More Threat Than Putin A third of Republicans believe President Barack Obama poses an imminent threat to the United States, outranking concerns about Russian President Vladimir Putin and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad Reuters

Bill Clinton: 'House of Cards' Accurately Reflects DC Politics Former President Bill Clinton believes that 99 percent of the time the fictional portrayal of the Washington, D.C., in "House of Cards" is an accurate reflection of reality Newsmax


Poll Monica Lewinsky – Consensual Adult or Victim? Looking back on the sex scandal that led to Clinton’s impeachment nearly 20 years ago, do Americans consider her a victim or a willing accomplice? Rasmussen

More 'Change' Ohio Judge: There Will Be No Mentioning Of The Constitution Here Today in a pre-trial hearing, an Ohio judge casually agreed with a motion filed by a prosecutor asking to ban a defendant from bringing up the United States Constitution or the constitutionality of the law under which he is charged with a crime. Truth Voice

Michelle O 'Healthy' Lunches Fed To Pigs New Mexico’s Galloping Grace Youth Ranch is accepting fruits and vegetables thrown away by students at several elementary schools in the Rio Rancho area and collects some five tons per week. EAG News


RIP John Lennon's Ex-Wife, Cynthia Lennon, Dead at 75 Cynthia Lennon, the late John Lennon's wife from 1962-1968, has died at age 75 from cancer. According to a rep, her sole child with the former Beatle -- Julian Lennon -- was with her at the time of her death

Los Angeles Tops Worst Cities For Traffic L.A. drivers spend an additional 92 hours in traffic each year. During the peak rush hour there is 80% congestion, according to the index. USA Today

Wednesday Daily Presidential Tracking Poll: 0bama Job Approval @ 48% The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll shows that 48% of Likely Voters at least somewhat approve of Obama's job performance. 50% disapprove Rasmussen


Render Unto Obama Work Jan. 1 Through April 24 -- Just to Pay Taxes Tax Freedom Day will arrive this year on April 24 - 114 days into the year - according to a report from the Tax Foundation. CNSNews

Smartphone Users Tracked by Apps Every 3 Minutes Using a smartphone can mean revealing your whereabouts nearly all the time, according to new research performed by computer scientists at Carnegie Mellon University. Allgov

Research Science Proves the Healing Power of Prayer Now, more and more medical research from leading hospitals and universities across the U.S. has shown conclusively a belief in God is good for you, making you healthier and happier


Heading To National Parks? Get Ready To Pay More $$ After a six-year moratorium, the federal government is increasing the price of admission at some of its public lands and raising the fees charged for camping, boating, cave tours and other activities

Bionic Ants Could Be Tomorrow's Factory Workers Robotic ants the size of a human hand that work together could be the future of factory production systems.

Powerful 3D-Printed Rifle Fires NATO Rounds A group of gunsmiths just 3D printed a bigger, better caliber rifle. , a website devoted to 3D printing of guns, announced that one of its members successfully developed a lower receiver for a Colt CM901 rifle.

The Full Monty? Assisted Living Facility Bares All For Calendar The stars of a charity calendar are in their 80s and 90s, but that didn't stop the men and women from an assisted living facility in Ohio from showing a little skin. Fox


World's Oldest Known Person Dies At 117 The world’s oldest person, Misao Okawa of Japan, has died a few weeks after celebrating her 117th birthday. Guardian

100-Year-Old Car Salesman Still Working Six Days A Week Derrell Alexander, who started his career as a salesman when gas was 17 cents per gallon, celebrated his 100th birthday last week at Whites Mountain Chevrolet in Casper, where he still works six days a week UPI

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