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Court Rules Against Punishing 'Sanctuary' Cities President Donald Trump's effort to crack down on sanctuary cities suffered another legal setback Thursday as a federal appeals court in Chicago upheld a nationwide injunction against making federal grant funding contingent on cooperation with immigration enforcement.

Senate Bucks McConnell: Will Vote on Bill to Protect Mueller
Despite opposition from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley confirmed Thursday that his committee will vote next week on a bill to protect special counsel Robert Mueller from being fired in the midst of the Russia investigation.
USA Today

Sen. Mitch McConnell Kills President Trump’s Plan to Cut $60 Billion in Spending Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R, KY) has torpedoed President Donald Trump’s plan to cut $60 billion in federal spending, despite a promise to open a “discussion” on the cuts. Breitbart

Justice IG Sends Criminal Referral of Andrew McCabe to US Attorney The Justice Department's inspector general has sent a criminal referral regarding former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe to the US attorney's office in Washington, according to a source familiar with the matter.

Student Activist David Hogg Snags Book Deal David Hogg and Lauren Hogg, students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and survivors of February’s deadly mass shooting in Parkland, Florida have signed a deal with Random House for a book to be published in June, EW has confirmed. Entertainment Weekly

New York Mayor: Prisoners to Be Housed According to Gender Identity New York Mayor Bill De Blasio has announced that prisoners in the city will be housed according to the gender with which they identify instead of biological sex. Christian Post

Another Viewpoint Activist Interrupts Comey Book Event Loomer shouted "You're going to get locked up" and called Comey a criminal, saying that he would be "prosecuted for your transgressions" in a video posted to her Twitter account. The Hill

Watch Protesters Heckle Comey at New York Book Signing Former FBI Director James Comey faced bipartisan heckling from protesters at his first book signing event in New York City. Breitbart

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Sigh “White Privilege” Billboards Pop Up In Portland A group called “Equity In Action” has rented 25 billboard spaces throughout Portland for rich, guilty, white liberals to absolve themselves of their inner racism and feel like they’re doing something positive Gateway Pundit

UpdateFresno State Opens Investigation into Bush-Bashing Professor Randa Jarrar Fresno State announced on Wednesday that they are opening an investigation into Professor Randa Jarrar, who celebrated former First Lady Barbara Bush’s death earlier this week.

Alert Migrant Caravan Resumes Journey to US Border The remnants of a migrant caravan of Central Americans that angered President Donald Trump continued their journey north through Mexico toward the U.S. border Wednesday CBS

Alert Vermont Governor Flips, Signs Massive New Gun-Control Law In a stark reversal Vermont governor Phil Scott (R) signed a sweeping new gun-control bill into law on Wednesday.To shouts of "traitor" and "BS," Scott signed S. 55, which institutes sweeping new gun-control measures.
Free Beacon

Government Schools Students Criticize 'Mikado' Play For 'Cultural Appropriation' Some students at Fort Hays State University (FHSU) in Kansas say a school-sponsored operetta production is not only “racist,” but also rife with “cultural appropriation.”
Campus Reform

House Republicans Push Tougher Work Requirements For Food Stamps The House Agriculture Committee has voted along party lines to approve new work requirements for food stamps -- a move fiercely opposed by Democrats and that could spell trouble for the farm bill working its way through Congress. Fox

LOL Eric Holder: I'm Seriously Considering a Run For President Holder appears to have plans to take his activism to a whole new level by entertaining a run for the White House.

Report MS-13 Directs Members to 'Take Out a Cop' in NY MS-13 has directed its members to “take out a cop” on Long Island — prompting the NYPD to put its officers on high alert, according to a new memo obtained by The Post. Fox

:) Illinois County Declares Itself a Sanctuary For Gun Owners Effingham County, Illinois, on Monday became a "sanctuary county" for gun owners. The county board passed the resolution on an 8-1 vote and directed its employees not to enforce any new state law that would “unconstitutionally restrict the Second Amendment.” Fox

Study Bigger Govt Linked To Drop In Religion In a new paper, psychology researchers crunched the numbers — and found that better government services were in fact linked to lower levels of strong religious beliefs. Miami Herald

Arkansas Ten Commandments Display Going Up The second version of a Ten Commandments monument at the Arkansas Capitol is expected to go up next week, nearly 10 months after the first was destroyed. Arkansas Online

Study Conservatives Losing in Social Media Bias Battle The "new battleground of media bias" is being waged on social media, and conservatives are losing, according to a report by media watchdog Media Research Center Newsmax


Smartphone Addiction Causes Loneliness, Isolation A new study finds that over-attachment to your phone can cause serious social problems — boosting feelings of loneliness and isolation — while worsening anxiety and depression symptoms

View From The Left The New Yorker Publishes Hate Piece Against Chick-fil-A’s Christian Ethos On Friday, the New Yorker published a story with a headline only they could love: “Chick-fil-A’s Creepy Infiltration of New York City.” Not to be outdone, they tweeted an even worse headline, pulled directly from the article.
The Federalist


Alabama To Execute Inmate, 83, Oldest In Modern History Alabama is set on Thursday to execute an 83-year-old convicted pipe-bomb killer, believed to be the oldest person put to death in the modern era of U.S. capital punishment. Yahoo

UK Becomes First Country to Ban Plastic Straws Britain plans to ban the sale of plastic straws and other single use products and is pressing Commonwealth allies to also take action to tackle marine waste, the office of Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May said. Reuters

Of Interest First Urine Test To Spot Cancer A Japanese firm is poised to carry out what it hailed as the world's first experiment to test for cancer using urine samples, which would greatly facilitate screening for the deadly disease.


FDA Bans Sale of Caffeine in Bulk Directly to Consumers The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has issued guidance banning the sale of pure or highly concentrated caffeine in powder or liquid forms as a dietary supplement in large quantities directly to consumers, calling it a significant public health threat.
Wall Street Journal

A Really Bad Day... Motorcycle Rider Crashes and Gets Shot By His Own Gun A motorcycle rider was seriously injured in a bizarre crash in Melbourne, Fla., last week when he wrecked his bike and got shot in the leg by the gun he was carrying on his hip.

Strange Stuff Mysterious Gatherings of Nearly 1,400 Sharks Spotted Off Northeast Coast Aerial photos have captured odd gatherings of almost 1,400 basking sharks and researchers aren't totally sure what it is the animals are up to. It’s not uncommon to see the sharks individually, but seeing them in large groups is rare The Weather Channel


Court Forces Copperfield to Reveal Secret of Vanishing Trick Magician David Copperfield has been forced to reveal the secret of one of his signature tricks after being sued by an injured British audience member. Sky News

It's A Boy! Michigan Family With 13 Sons Gets No. 14 The well-known Kent County couple with 13 sons has welcomed another baby into the family and -- you guessed it -- it's another son. MLive

Pictured Tortoise With Cracked Shell Gets $4,000 Repair A wayward tortoise that cracked its shell after falling off a 10-foot wall in San Diego is recovering after veterinarians used screws, zip ties and denture material to make repairs.
Los Angeles Times

Targeting Trump's Lawyer Should Worry Us All Alan M. Dershowitz

It's All Downhill For Comey Now American Thinker

Return of the Feckless Chick-Fil-A-Phobes Michelle Malkin

Colluders on the Loose Victor Davis Hanson

Haley Kills It At United Nations Boston Herald

The Horowitz Report is Coming, and Hell’s Coming With it. David Blackmon

Recreational Vehicles Aren’t Homes Sierra Vista Herald

How The Obama Justice Department Tried To Shut Down The FBI's Investigation Into The Clinton Foundation
The Hill

‘Brain Sex With Hillary Clinton’ Daily Beast

James Comey Prays At The Altar of James Comey Boston Herald

Sexual McCarthyism Wayne Allyn Root

Starbucks and the Race-Hustlers American Thinker

How Tony Podesta, a Washington Power Broker, Lost It All Wall Street Journal

People Are Losing Their Minds Over Starbucks National Review

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