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Cartoons Last Updated: January 28, 2015
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Late Night Jokes  
Last Updated: January 28, 2015
Courtesy: Newsmax

Thursday Night, January 22

California officials want to contain a measles outbreak that originated in Disneyland last month. They are in luck because everyone who is exposed to it is still in line at Space Mountain.

Musician Kid Rock came under fire for posting a photo of himself holding a cougar that he had just killed. People were outraged until they realized the cougar was one of the "Real Housewives of Orange County."

Doctors say that your attention span is like a muscle that can be strengthened. I didn't read the rest of the article because I saw a shiny thing.

Late Show With David Letterman
Monday Night, January 26

They're talking' about the blizzard-like conditions in New York City. I'm no expert, but isn't that a blizzard? If you have blizzard-like conditions, why not go all the way — it's a blizzard!

A big question all the New Yorkers have, and they're talking three or four feet of snow, is: How will the Chinese food delivery get through?  

The Late, Late Show With Craig Ferguson
Friday Night, December 19

This is the last show, of course, of "The late Late Show." I really didn't know what to do. I thought I'd do a monologue. Then I thought: Well why? I don't have anything else left to say.

The people that made this show are you. You came to a show that — let's be honest, a bit of a fixer-upper. And it kind of stayed that way.

I think that we've managed to do here is make something that wasn't here before. So in that sense maybe it is a piece of art. It didn't exist. Now it does and you'll be able to find it forever on YouTube or wherever. No, sorry. What I meant to say is the CBS website.

I wanted to do this show and now we've done this show. And if you will indulge me in whatever I do next I'd be very grateful because my kids are still young.


The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon
  Monday Night, January 26

The Northeast is being hit with a major snowstorm. Forecasters said they've haven't seen a whiteout like this since last week's Oscar nominations.

In France, a court ruled that a couple cannot name their baby "Nutella." The court said a name like that can only lead to teasing. So the couple has moved on to their second choice — Conan.

A company has developed a coffee that can help you fall asleep. It's called the Cosby-chino.

Jimmy Kimmel Live!
Monday Night, January 26

Last night in Miami was the 63rd annual Miss Universe Pageant. The winner this year was Miss Colombia, and the loser was women everywhere else.

SkyMall is going out of business. The company filed for bankruptcy. They were forced to file for bankruptcy when it was declared they have never sold an item.

If SkyMall goes down, this will have a dramatic effect, mostly on passengers who need a place to put their gum when they're on the plane.

SkyMall was the premier shopping destination for people who just drank four tiny bottles of Jim Beam.

    Late Night With Seth Meyers
  Thursday Night, January 22
 CNN is developing a game show to be hosted by Anderson Cooper. It will be just like the other CNN shows except the contestants will make wild guesses instead of the news anchors.

The Jamaican government is considering a bill to decriminalize marijuana. But first they have to get over the shock of finding out it was illegal in the first place.

According to a new report, there are still five people alive today who were born in the 1800s. Even crazier, every one of them was re-elected this November.

The burger chain, Carl's Jr., is causing some controversy with its ad for an all-natural burger that features a woman walking naked through a farmers market. Apparently Carl's Jr. customers were offended by the sight of a farmers market.


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