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Late Night Jokes  
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Late Show With Stephen Colbert
Friday Night, October 2 

I do think Donald Trump is honest in his own way. He is honestly an egomaniacal billionaire.

This this week in New Hampshire, Trump demonstrated he will not tolerate dishonesty from his opponents, like Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio. Mr. Trump, to answer your call for political honesty, you're not going to be president. It's been fun. It's been great. I love you! 

Wednesday Night, September 30

 It was just announced there are nearly 30,000 fewer inmates now in California's prisons. Here's the bad news: They all escaped.

While visiting America, Pope Francis secretly met with Kim Davis, the county clerk who denied marriage licenses to gay couples. At first she refused to meet with the Pope because she was told, “There's a guy in a dress named Francis here to see you.”

Donald Trump's wife, an immigrant from Slovenia, says she lets Trump be himself. She said, in return, he lets me be in America.

Governor Bobby Jindal's presidential campaign is angrily insisting that the "Duck Dynasty" cast supports him and not Donald Trump. And that is the current report on the state of the Bobby Jindal campaign.

Tesla has debuted a new car which is equipped with a device that instantly clears the air of toxins. Basically you activate it when you're driving behind a Volkswagen.

The Late, Late Show With James Corden
Wednesday Night, September 30

Facebook has gone down three times in the past week. So lately Facebook's status has changed from "Working" to "It's complicated."

Loads of people had to go hide in their exes’ bushes just to stalk them. People were outraged.

There's one guy who wishes that Facebook had stayed down. That's John Mogan of Ohio, who was arrested after robbing a bank and then instead of, you know, hiding, he posted photos of himself posing with the cash on his Facebook wall.   


The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon
  Friday Night, October 2

I read that Donald Trump's hotel chain may have experienced a data breach that may have exposed people's debit and credit card information to hackers for more than a year. When asked how he planned on fixing the situation, Trump was like, "I'm going to build a huge firewall."

Ben Carson continues to rise in the polls. But a lot of people think he's a little too laid back, or sleepy, to be president.

When asked about hurricane Joaquin this week and how he would prepare, he said, "uh. I don’t know." Is he talking about a hurricane or did he just drink a hurricane?

More of Hillary Clinton's e-mails were just released, and one shows that she had made a list of talking points for a trip to L.A. in case she ran into Ellen DeGeneres, which is ironic because Bill does the same thing in case he runs into Hillary.

Jimmy Kimmel Live!
Wednesday Night, September 30

Forbes Magazine released their annual list of the "Forbes 400" ranking the wealthiest people in America. Bill Gates, 22nd year in a row he's number one, $76 billion. Yet, he still has an $11 haircut.

Donald Trump finished 121 on the list and he's not happy about that. Forbes says he has a net worth of $4.5 billion, but he says that's wrong, "I'm worth $11.5 billion." This is what makes him relatable to voters.

Forbes stands by their estimate but Trump said they're trying to make him look as poor as possible. Saying someone has $4.5 billion makes them look poor? Underprivileged maybe, but not poor.

 I like Donald Trump's way of thinking. It's not how much money you have, it's how much money you feel you have.

The Santee Sioux Tribe is getting ready to open what they call America's first marijuana resort, further cementing South Dakota's status as party capital of the U.S. They claim this will be the first marijuana resort, but there are already thousands of marijuana resorts in this country. They're called colleges.

Last week Pope Francis carved time out to meet with Kim Davis, the woman who refused to issue the same-sex marriage license in Kentucky. The reason they met is the Pope wanted to deliver a message to Kim about God, which was "Fire your stylist."  

    Late Night With Seth Meyers
  Wednesday Night, September 30
 Lawyers for Kim Davis say the embattled county clerk was given a secret audience with Pope Francis last Thursday. And since it was a workday, her schedule was wide open.

In an interview today, Kim Davis said that her meeting with Pope Francis last week “kind of validates everything.” Well, except for a lot of marriage licenses.

Trend experts are reporting that New Yorkers have started holding “juice crawls,” where dozens of people gather together and visit three to five juice bars. They’re called “juice crawls” because the participants are generally too weak to walk.

The CDC is accusing Big Tobacco of using different flavors of e-cigarettes to try and lure in young people. They’re especially concerned about the newest flavor, Cheerios in a Ziploc Bag.

This weekend people in Los Angeles were treated to free food from the Pancake Selfie Express, which is a food truck that can print photos in batter. So now you can be reminded of what you used to look like before you started eating free pancakes from a truck.


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