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Cartoons Last Updated: September 22, 2017
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Late Night Jokes  
Last Updated: September 21
Courtesy: Newsmax

Wednesday Night, September 21

Twitter has just announced it has new controls to block people who advocate violence. But don’t worry, you can still follow President Trump on Facebook.

Yesterday Attorney General Jeff Sessions visited Portland, Oregon. After his visit, Sessions said, "You know, dreadlocks aren’t so scary when they’re on a white guy."

President Trump is using his 2020 campaign fund to pay his legal fees, which experts say is "wrong but not illegal." Coincidentally, "Wrong But Not Illegal" is also Trump’s 2020 campaign slogan.

During a speech to African leaders today, President Trump accidentally made up the nation of "Nambia." Even worse, he promised to help Nambia in their war with Narnia.

Apple CEO Tim Cook is claiming that the $1000 iPhone X is a good value. Cook said, “It’s the last phone you’ll ever need for the next eight months."

Arnold Schwarzenegger is going to return to the next "Terminator" movie. In this one, Arnold goes back in time to erase all traces of him hosting "Celebrity Apprentice."

 It’s come out that some species of frogs have sex orgies. These are followed the next morning by the frogs doing the "Hop of Shame."

The Late Late Show With James Corden
Wednesday Night, September 21

 It was revealed today that Donald Trump is using campaign donations and money from the Republican National Committee to help pay for his legal fees tied to the Russia investigation. Trump using the campaign funds is not illegal but an unprecedented move by a sitting president and we all know how Donald Trump feels about anything unprecedented. He feels it's hard to spell.

This morning the president retweeted this graphic of an iceberg symbolizing his supporters. It says that the tip of the iceberg is how many Trump supporters the media tells you there are but the bottom is how many Trump supporters there actually are. This is the most attention Trump has paid to climate change since he took office. Is Trump really comparing his supporters to an iceberg? He's basically saying they're cold, detached and slowly disappearing every day.

The Late Show With Stephen Colbert
Thursday Night, September 21

This week in Washington, D.C., the unthinkable happened. Republicans are trying to repeal and replace Obamacare, again. This is beyond beating a dead horse. This is getting damn close to bestiality, okay. I hope that horse has a safe word.

The U.N. is in town this week and Donald Trump hosted a lunch for African leaders. "I'm greatly honored to host this lunch, to be joined by the leaders of Côte d'Ivoire, Ethiopia, Ghana, Guinea, Nambia. Nambia's health system is increasingly self-sufficient." Now, there is no such country as "Nambia." Despite that, they will soon have a better healthcare system than we do. I might move to Nambia. I hear very good things.

He went on to praise the African Republicans of Nambla, Wango-Tango, and Wakanda. "We must secure our supplies of vibranium." "I want to thank Prime Minister Chaka Khan, thank you so much for being here. So wonderful."


The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon
  Wednesday Night, September 20

Today is the third day of the U.N. General Assembly. Or as Trump calls it, “Boring Epcot.” (TRUMP) “There’s no rides! No monorail!”

During a speech today, Trump mispronounced the African nation of “Namibia," and instead called it "Nambia." Then Trump corrected himself and said, (TRUMP) "Sorry, I meant Narnia."

President Trump also talked about the possibility of Peace in the Middle East and said that “stranger things have happened.” Then he said, “For example...me.”

 I saw that Coca-Cola is selling a new drink in Japan called "Coca-Cola Coffee Plus.” They say it’s great if you like Coke, love coffee, and hate blinking.

And, Chipotle just added queso to its menu, but customers are saying it tastes awful. Chipotle was like, “On the way up, or the way down?”

 I read that farmers in Europe are close to growing a 3,000-pound pumpkin. Then Americans said, “Eh – let us know when you ELECT one.”

Jimmy Kimmel Live!
Thursday Night, September 14

The president and his wife were in Florida today to look at the damage caused by Hurricane Irma. Trump cares very deeply about the state of Florida. Almost every weekend since he was sworn in, he has personally flown to Florida to make sure there were no hurricanes there. Sometimes he even carries a golf club to fend them off.

There was a lot of fuss about the high-heeled shoes Melania wore when she visited Houston after Hurricane Harvey. So today she wore the most somber footwear in her closet: a pair of $750 Chanel flats.

Hillary Clinton is promoting her new book. She told Anderson Cooper that a lot of people come up to her now to apologize for not voting. And when they do that, she says she doesn’t forgive them. I guess she used all her forgiveness up on her husband.

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was asked about Clinton’s book. She said she thought it was sad. Which is true. I mean, it is — I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who’s planning to read it, but at the end of the book, Donald Trump becomes president.

    Late Night With Seth Meyers
  Wednesday Night, September 21

President Trump tweeted this morning "Big meetings today at the United Nations, so many interesting leaders." While the United Nations tweeted, "Day two of this guy. Buckle up, everyone.”

During Melania Trump’s U.N. speech today, she spoke out against bullying. And then her husband took the stage to give the rebuttal.

A leader of a polygamous sect in Salt Lake City pled guilty today to food-stamp fraud. As he was taken into custody he said, “Don’t wait for me, honey! You either! Or you. And you. You, too.”



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