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The Enviros Are Winning
Nancy Morgan
February 12, 2008

Last week as the nation's attention was focused on all politics, all the time, the environmentalists made major headway. Significant headway. Right under our noses.

Politicians, celebrities, businesses, scientists, bureaucrats, farmers, cities, the UN, our own government and even religious orders are accepting and validating the largely unproven concept of man-made global warming.

Corporations are jumping on board as they roll out credit cards designed to cash in on people's worry about global warming. Allstate now cites global warming as the reason they hiked their rates by a whopping 42%

Even farmers are cashing in by selling carbon credits to large corporations. Easy money. Cash for a 'promise' to cut down on 'carbon footprints'. Environmentalists are using the threat of global warming  (for the first time in history) to list species on the Endangered Species list. Cities are starting to get in on this act, by increasingly advocating a federal 'carbon tax'.

And lets not forget politicians. "Politicians using tragedy to advance an agenda is a tried and true strategy. Paint the idea green and a natural crisis becomes political fodder." Just last week, Sen. Kerry blamed the tornadoes that recently caused 55 deaths, on global warming.

If a disaster is caused by global warming then the focus is off, say, government screw-ups. The added advantage is the 'guilt by proxy' that Americans are made to feel for not having 'invested' enough to halt this crisis. What a beautiful setup. Screw up, (levees in New Orleans, for example) blame it on something else and get tons of cash to boot. Lest I forget, did you know your tax dollars are now being used by politicians to reduce their "carbon footprints?" (This is called 'virtue on the cheap.')

Global warming is rapidly gaining the status of a religion.  Northwestern University just published an article entitled God and Global Warming: Religion and Science Unite. The article stated that some religions have conceded that global warming and religion are similar because "both have moral components." This was followed by the Church of England urging people to cut down on carbon, rather than chocolate, for Lent.
The implications of global warming as religion are dangerous. Religion is based faith. If global warming is associated with religion, the result will be increasing acceptance of this disputed premise on 'faith.' In other words, blindly and without question.
Consider: If global warming is indeed a man-made crisis, then it follows that it can and should be solved by man. But only with lots of money. Money thrown blindly in the pot to be used by politicians, businesses, the UN and everyone who has jumped on board the global warming bandwagon. Initial costs are app. $7,000 per family in the U.S. The UN has asked for $20 trillion over 20 years to address this crisis. Even Bush has signed on, in favor of allocating $2 billion of our tax dollars. 

 What this represents is the most massive assault on capitalism ever engineered. A perfect way to 'level the playing field' thus putting big, bad America on the same level as third world countries. This is the real agenda. Bill Clinton as much as admitted this, as he said in a speech in Denver last week, "We just have to slow our economy and cut back on our greenhouse gas emissions cause we have to 'save the planet' for our grandchildren."
Right now, India is experiencing the largest cold wave in four decades. China is suffering their coldest winter in a century, stranding millions just last week. Fairbanks is experiencing the coldest temperatures in eight years. As you're reading this, Northern Minn. is experiencing a record low of more than minus 40 degrees. 

For all the true believers out there, ask youselves: If global warming is indeed a man-made crisis, why hasn't anyone claimed the $200,000 offered by Steve Milloy of JunkScience.com. All they have to do is prove man is causing global warming and that its a bad thing.

No matter how thin the pancake, there are always two sides. If global warming is valid science, why the push to stifle debate? Why are we not being allowed to hear the other side? Why has a prominent Canadian scientist just advocated jail for dissenting politicians. Is it just a coincidence that proposed solutions for global warming mirror policies the left has been pushing for decades? 

Like the man said who got caught by his wife in bed with another woman, "Who are you going to believe? Me or your own eyes?"

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