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All Sex, All The Time
Nancy Morgan
February 18, 2008

American culture is starting to resemble a teen-ager obsessed with bathroom jokes. Only America's focus is riveted on sex. All sex, all the time. From Britney's panties, to Anna Nicole's lovers, to transgender rights to forced acceptance of homosexuality. If a story deals with sex, it sells.

The focus on sex, while prurient and titillating, has wider implications that have been overlooked. They involve redefining the family and undermining marriage by de-mystifying sex, (under the guise of 'empowerment.') From advocating special rights for transgendered under the banner of 'inclusiveness,' to same-sex marriage under the banner of 'discrimination,' the left is making headway. Helped by America's appetite for sex and our famed tolerance, the gradual acceptance of deviant behavior as normal is becoming, well, normal.

Last week, Hillary took Obama to task for not being as enthusiastic about homosexuality as she is. "I'm more pro-homosexual than Obama" she proudly claimed. All Democrat candidates are busy burnishing their credentials by signing on to the radical gay agenda, which has extended way beyond 'tolerance' to outright acceptance of anything that falls in the sexual arena. 

Take Yale University. This week is set aside for "Sex Week." Parents will have the satisfaction of seeing what their $45K per year buys. First up is a trendy competition to win a porn-star look-alike contest. Then students will proceed to the good stuff, like learning how to achieve a state beyond bliss and the proper application of lubricants. This is called higher education.

Other sex news last week included the confessions of a kinky college professor who was almost strangled in an S&M session. He's 'deeply ashamed' and 'finally through' with the double life he's led as a kid. Expect him to become the left's new poster boy for courage.

Not all students are buying into this trend, but their voices are seldom heard. One small voice in the wilderness managed to have an excellent article published in the Harvard Crimson, entitled The Vagina Monologues: Where are the men I was promised? This article describes one students' experience with the failed promises of feminists. It also offers a horrific example of where the over-sexualization of our culture leads.

Government is in on the act also. Aiding and abetting the left in their quest to remake society to their own specifications. A glaring example is a recent state sponsored field trip for sexual deviants. To a circus. Filled with children. Cameras caught the person in charge snoozing. Meanwhile the deviants had the time and inclination to start 'expressing' themselves with nearby kiddies. Hey, perverts have rights.
America's obsession with sex is leading to all sorts of problems. Which, of course, will require government solutions. Naturally, government will have to step behind our bedroom doors in order to 'fix' the host of legal issues arising from these new sexual mores. Not the least being the new definition of 'family'. Then, throw into the pot the moral dimensions involved when government starts forcing not only recognition, but acceptance, of life styles many deem objectionable and, presto: Can you spell quagmire? I know the left can. Can we really trust government to set the rules?
Last week, a woman in Germany who became pregnant after an online sex-auction won a court battle to force the Web site that hosted the auction to reveal the names of the winners, so she can find out who the father of her child is. Do we really want to go there?
Sure, sex sells. Sex is titillating. It has been for thousands of years. It's natural and healthy. Or at least, it used to be. Now, gender is becoming optional. A second grader in Colorado decided he wanted to be a girl. School officials started scrambling to accommodate him. In California, the words mom and dad are deemed 'hurtful.' In Britain, the government is actually paying surrogate mothers to have children for gays.  Scientists have recently developed a fetus with three parents. Drip, drip, drip.
The implications are ominous. The ball has started rolling. Is this trend a Brave New World? Or is it a modern day Pandora's Box?

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