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Shame On Conservatives

Nancy Morgan
March 9, 2007

One of the major differences between liberals and conservatives is that liberals are much more susceptible to group think. Most on the left are content to accept the prevailing leftist talking points as their own without questioning any of the intellectual underpinnings of said argument. (Think global warming..)
Conservatives, on the other hand, are more likely to rely on the substance and facts of a debate instead of drawing their conclusions based on 'consensus' and 'feelings'. At least that used to be so.
Enter Ann Coulter.
Author and commentator Bernie Goldberg, appearing on the Bill O'Reilly show, succinctly summed up the conservative reaction to Ann's recent speech at CPAC where she dared utter the word faggot. "She's giving the left ammunition to attack conservatives." Other conservatives have chimed in, also decrying Coulter's inelegant joke. For shame.
First of all, since when did leftists need a reason to attack conservatives? They'll attack for any real or imagined shortcomings and nothing we do or say will change that. My question is, since when have conservatives decided to play by the rules as outlined by the left?

Consider: Grey's Anatomy star, under politically correct pressure from the left, actually checked himself into rehab for having uttered the word 'faggot.' Hellooo out there. Is this absurd reaction now deemed to be acceptable?

Has the left been so successful in imposing its' politically correct agenda that they now have full rein to tell one and all what words are acceptable??? And the ability to impose 'punishment' for daring to stray off the ever narrowing language plantation? 

The most effective way to point out the complete absurdities of the left is with humor and satire. As I see it, Ann scored a twofer. That it fell flat merely shows that she is not 100% effective, 100% of the time.
For conservatives to start eating one of their own is exactly what the left wants. It proves that they are right in their absurd concentration on 'feelings' (as opposed to, say, national security) It proves that the left is indeed, controlling the agenda. And he who controls the agenda, wins.
I can understand the need for presidential candidates to do a little dance as a sop to supposed 'consensus' feelings (voters), but I'm disappointed that other conservatives have so readily adopted the spin, as defined by the left, that Ann crossed the line, is no longer credible, did it only for PR purposes etc, etc. Au contraire.
Ann is one of a handful of people who have the guts and the ability to say exactly what she feels. I admire this no end, and try to emulate it. She doesn't allow the left to set the rules of discourse. She has complete command of her facts and uses humor and satire as a most effective sword against the legions of useful idiots who would never dare think or feel anything that hasn't been validated by the current leftist orthodoxy.
There are hefty penalties involved for violating the arbitrary, ever changing 'rules' that have quietly started to shape our behaviors. Being left out of 'polite society' (as defined by the left) is enough to keep most useful idiots on the straight and narrow. To me, it is reminiscent of the famous 'show trials' in the Soviet Union, where it was actually a matter of survival to swallow whole, without thinking, whatever the 'elites' deemed acceptable.Where comrades were forced to condemn their fellows in order to maintain their membership in the pack. Which is what conservatives appear to be doing now.
Good for Ann, for having the courage to be herself. Good for her to for having enough confidence in herself that she has no need to pander for approval. Good for her for being consistent, articulate (am I allowed to say that?) passionate and a true individualist. Good for her for risking, every day, making just such a misstep and being made to appear foolish. Think of how many of us decline all risk, decline controversy so as not to incite the ire of the left. So as not to risk appearing foolish.
It's high time the left is told "We will not play by your rules. They are stupid and ridiculous and I will not be constrained merely because you have decided what words are or are not acceptable. I DON'T AGREE"
The fact that Ann can withstand the storms and still be effective in relaying basic truths gives me hope that one day I will be able to be successful in doing the same. She is a true individualist and an excellent role model. Conservatives should stand behind her instead of pandering to the phony, manufactured 'outrage' ginned up by leftists who seek to make their ridiculous standards and goals de facto.
Don't get me wrong. I'm not defending Ann. She has no need of defense, as she herself has shown in the aftermath of this 'non-scandal.' I'm defending every American's right to present their own views in their own ways, not just by the so-called socially acceptable ways. I'm defending the right of every American to tell the truth, voice an opinion, or relay their views without having to do so within the confines the left has declared. The left does not and will not define me. I will not play by their rules. And neither does Ann Coulter, which is probably why they hate her so much.

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