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Color Me Happy Forward   

Color Me Happy
Nancy Morgan
May 3, 2011

Color me happy. For the first time in over 10 years, crowds of Americans are waving flags and singing the Star Spangled Banner, celebrating an American victory - the death of bin Laden. Who'd a thunk? Just when I felt progressives had succeeded in turning America into a self-loathing, guilt ridden, multicultural sycophant to world opinion, I see hope that maybe our nation will be able to retain the pride in our accomplishments that has been under assault for so long. How about those Navy Seals?!!
I'm happy because it appears our military and intelligence agencies haven't yet succumbed to political correctness and bureaucratic meddling. Instead of agonizing about Muslim sensitivities, they decided to take the kill shot and finally meted out justice to the man responsible for the deaths of thousands on 9/11. I'm smiling.
I'm so happy that I don't even mind Obama taking credit for the operation that resulted in bin Laden's death. I'm glad that I was wrong in my opinion that Obama would never willingly appear to offend any portion of the Muslim population. Obama's statement, "Today, at my direction, the United States launched a targeted operation against that compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan," isn't even offensive. Finally, he took a stand. Granted, it was a no brainer, but at least he appeared, for a moment, to be presidential. Finally.

I don't even mind Obama's patent fabrication when he told the nation late Sunday night that he had made the capture or killing of Osama Bin Laden a "top priority." We all know of his propensity to revise reality but at least this latest revision doesn't harm America. Today, I'll even give Obama a break.
Today, America is united. A common enemy is a very potent and unifying factor. For the moment, at least, the enemy has been identified and vanquished. All you rich guys out there can rest easy, at least for awhile.
Just in the nick of time, America has received a reprieve from the extreme idiocy and rampant manipulation that has come to characterize our government. Thank you, Navy Seals. Thank you for restoring a portion of my faith in America's greatness.


I'm happy because, for at least a week, it will be possible to talk about how great America is without risking being called a right-wing nut. For the next week, Americans have carte blanche to point out America's strengths and revel in, gasp, pride. We can even wave American flags without being sneered at.
I'm happy because when the usual suspects start with their inane questions about the justness of America's actions, they will rightly be regarded as panywaists. 
It will be interesting to see how long it takes before the national spin machine starts to object to the outbreak of pride that so many Americans are feeling. CNN already started - in their coverage of bin Laden's death, they referred to him as a victim. And the Washington Post's Petula Dvorak described the sight of American college kids celebrating the death of Osama Bin Laden outside of the White House gates on Sunday night as "almost vulgar." Yawn.

Good luck to the media in trying to spin this victory. I expect that even the professional victims so beloved by the political and media elites are experiencing the first twinge of patriotism they have ever felt.
Today is a good day. America, at least for the moment, has retained its position as world leader. For awhile, at least, pundits and American apologists will take a back seat to the huge wave of popular sentiment and pride in America that is erupting across the nation.
I'm also happy that Americans have gotten a temporary reprieve from talking about Trump's hair and who said what to whom. For now, I am experiencing a tingle up my leg when I think about our courageous Navy Seals. Real men finally taking center stage? I'm smiling!
God bless our great country and all our military men and women.

Nancy Morgan is a columnist and news editor for conservative news site RightBias.com
She lives in South Carolina

Article may be reprinted, with attribution

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