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George Orwell Is Laughing
Nancy Morgan
April 11, 2007

Last month the nations' attention was riveted on the illegitimate daughter of a deceased stripper. After months of ceaseless speculation, we finally found out which of Anna Nicole's former lovers won the paternity jackpot. Prize being America's newest fairy tale princess, who comes complete with millions of dollars. To say nothing of hundreds of uncles.
Next up on the national agenda is the latest PC 'gotcha.' Pontificating pundits simulate outrage and profess horror as they lecture America on how to interpret the latest politically incorrect phrase uttered by an aging shock jock. For the sin of saying 'nappy headed race ho,' talk show host Don Imus has been booted by MSNBC. After being subject to a show trial in the 24/7 media, sponsors and politicos are publicly throwing him to the lions in order to prove how non-racist they are.
Bas relief is provided by disgraced race hustlers seizing on this PC 'gotcha' in the hopes of convincing the nation that, 'Racism is alive and well.' Privately they are thanking their lucky stars for this golden opportunity to get 'face' time and prove they are still relevant.
For a little diversity, we have assorted victim groups baring their hurt feelings on national TV. Assuring one and all that they have been damaged. Their feelings have been hurt but, hey, they're standing up. No way will they let an old white dude diss them the way members of their own race do. Truth to power and all that.
When the sex and race headlines start getting old, we've got the standard filler of religion. Excuse me, global warming. The secular progressives have been amazingly successful at removing God from the public square and replacing the spiritual void with obeisance to 'Mother Earth.'
The new religion of global warming comes complete with apocalyptic predictions of floods and famine. (And severe penalties for those who don't toe the global warming line.) So far, an impressive number of Americans have professed 'faith' in this trendy new religion. Their faith can withstand facts, history, common sense and the coldest month in 113 years. No matter what, you can't shake em from the belief that the globe is melting and 'It's All Our Fault!'
Meanwhile, in the real world, the world you don't see on TV, the war on Islamic fascism continues. Joe Sixpack and Mary Homemaker continue to pray for our soldiers and our President. They pledge allegiance to our country and continue to live by the Golden Rule. They instinctively know that this war must be settled on the battlefield, not by applying utopian theories with a generous dollop of Kumbaya.
As politicians trade poll tested barbs in their quest for personal power, all the rubes in flyover country quietly go about their lives. The rubes know that just because everyone lies, doesn't make it right. They know what they see on TV is not reality.
As the 'conspicuous compassion' crowd jumps on the latest cause du jour in a valiant effort to prove their moral vitas, the poorest among us prove by actions that compassion in America is alive and well. And private. Though you won't ever see these people on the news, they know that compassion is the responsibility of the individual, not the government. And they consider conspicuous compassion shameful and suspect.
As tenured professors assure us that words can mean whatever you want them to mean, rednecks and children know, without having a college degree, that words have meanings. Taxes are taxes, not investments. Oral sex is sex and a tramp is a tramp. They know there is virtue in saying what you mean and meaning what you say. They know that just cause something is legal doesn't make it right.
As our elected officials propose legislation that ties 'global warming' to national security, ordinary Americans see this ploy for what it is. An appeal to man's most basic emotions: religion, security, compassion and guilt. All in a naked attempt to impose taxes, gain power and impose a social agenda at odds with traditional mores and current beliefs.
Even the poor, easily led and uneducated masses know that guilt requires true repentance. Buying a 'carbon offset' doesn't quite cut it. They know.
As legions of educated, elite, intellectual, important, successful, connected, rich, stylish media stars give Americans the benefit of their superior wisdom every night via prime time, the rubes, rednecks, and regular Joes quietly go about their business. Working, building businesses, raising children, paying taxes, praising God and instilling values.
They're secure enough in their faith, their families and themselves that they don't have to seek constant validation from the mass media or their next door neighbor. These are the real Americans. Chances are you won't be seeing them on the nightly news any time soon.


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