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The O'Reilly Smackdown. Hill: 6, O'Reilly: 0 Other articles by this author  

The Bill And Hill Lovefest
Nancy Morgan
May 1, 2008

Hillary Clinton appeared on The O'Reilly Factor last night, finally facing off with Bill O'Reilly in the No-Spin Zone. Judge Napolitano described it as the "toughest interview she's ever had."

Hillary was pretty in pink with nary a crease in her smiling face. She was cool, calm and collected as she answered all the hard questions lobbed at her by tough interviewer Bill O'Reilly. Questions like, "Are you surprised Fox News has treated your campaign in a fair and balanced manner?" Hard one. Giggle, giggle.

O'Reilly then moved on to the Rev. Wright/Obama situation. Hillary fielded this tough question by saying unequivocally, "I take offense. I don't believe the US government caused the AIDS crisis." Hillary scored big by finally declaring what most of America already knows. Talk about speaking truth to power.

On to the next hardball question. When asked how much she would raise taxes, Hillary stuck to her deeply held belief that the rich, herself included, were not taxed enough. Her policy as president would be to up the taxes on the rich in order to give it to the "hardworking middle-class, who get up every morning and keep the country running." Boy, its tough getting up in the morning when one is middle-class. Bill didn't mention that the rich get up every morning also. And neglected to point out that all those hardworking middle class guys were working at jobs provided by all those rich geeks. Who keeps the country running, again?

The pundits are describing this morning how O'Reilly really pinned Hillary down on her oil policy. If you actually saw the interview, you could see quite clearly that the score then was Hillary: 3, O'Reilly: 0. He did manage to bring up the fact that Hillary has voted down nuclear power seven times. Hillary skated, unchallenged (Hill 4, O'Reilly 0) with her most amazing statements of the whole interview. "We (meaning all us guys in fly-over country) will have to change the way we behave." In other words, Hillary will now set the standards of behavior to which Americans will have to conform.

She then burnished her tough guy creds by passionately demanding that oil companies be "held accountable" and "there is no basis for their profits". Since profit is now regarded as a dirty word, this statement, too, went unchallenged. Also unmentioned was the fact that the government takes .48 cents in gas taxes while the oil companies settle for .09 cents.

O'Reilly, to his credit, said her redistribution policies smacked of socialism. Hill, taking a page from the liberal 'debate' book, skirted the issue by pointing to FDR, as if his socialism justified hers. She got away with it, too. Then O'Reilly let skate the most astonishing piece of spin I've ever heard. "Rich people deserve all the opportunity to see that the next generation does well." Well, who are we to deny the rich the opportunity to be taxed to death in order to pay for failed government programs. Not Bill O'Reilly.

Hillary mentioned several times the need for accountability. Bill O'Reilly missed out big time on this issue. Hillary's claim that she has been 'vetted' has been accepted by O'Reilly. No need to ask any questions about Travelgate (perjury), Whitewater (fraud), making $99,000 and change from a $1,000 investment (bribery, fraud), the fact that she received 99.9% of the vote from a small community after hubby Bill dished out pardons for their terrorists members (bribery, vote fraud), the Vince Foster 'suicide' (conspiracy), her proven complicity in illegal Chinese cash (bribery, treason), the FBI files she probably still has after the former bouncer she hired, Craig Livingston, was given a vital security job in the Clinton White House (blackmail). Not to mention her complicity and active participation in the hundreds of scandals hubby Bill was involved in.

You can't fault O’Reilly, I guess. No-one, with the exception of Reed Irvine of Accuracy in Media, and Chris Ruddy of Newsmax, has ever followed up on the documented evidence that shows without a doubt the corruption and amorality of Hillary. Documented evidence that would put a lesser mortal in the slammer.

Even conservatives have refused to publish the real Hillary scandals. Possibly for fear of losing their credibility by being branded part of the vast right-wing conspiracy. This remains a puzzle to me to this day.

Hillary is one smart cookie. Under that Dorian Gray exterior, she is ruthless, determined and has shown she will go to any lengths in her quest for power. The real danger is the fact that, unlike Bill Clinton, Hillary is, and has been her whole life, a dedicated socialist/Marxist. She is a true believer. She has a vision of the world, one that has already been tried and proven disastrous, that includes her as President, with her hands on the levers of power. Power to destroy capitalism in favor of her version of utopia. Knowing that, since man, not God, is responsible for the state of the world, man (Hillary) will finally be able to establish utopia.

Despite the fact that every effort she has made to date has met with resounding failure. And the American citizens have been left to pick up the tab. Another issue O'Reilly never brought up.

Nancy Morgan is a columnist and a news editor for RightBias.com
She lives in South Carolina.

Article may be reprinted, with attribution.

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