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Democrats: The Bad News Bears
Nancy Morgan
April 5, 2008

When tough guy interviewer Bill O'Reilly had his much anticipated interview with Hillary last week, Hillary stated flatly, "We can not win militarily in Iraq." This answer, like so many others, went unchallenged. Despite the fact that we are in the process of a military win in Iraq. Can you spell surge?

The media and the Democrats are largely silent on Iraq these days. Unless its to celebrate the anniversary of the Bush photo op declaring "Mission Accomplished". Or to throw roadblocks in the way of the, now successful, surge. Or to keep the body count in the public eye. Or to demand we withdraw our troops from Iraq. Or to appear fiscally conservative by trying to hold up funding for our soldiers. I guess that money could be better spent funding Hillary's $2.3B in earmarks. Or by funding Alaska's 'bridge to nowhere.' Just last week The DNC ran an ad showing our soldiers being blown up. The terrorists loved that one.
Now that victory appears possible in Iraq, the Democrats refuse to congratulate or even acknowledge the fact that after many years, we've turned the corner, and the blood, sweat and tears of our brave soldiers are finally starting to reap rewards. Last week, a group of Iraqi citizens saw a terrorist set off a car bomb. They chased this guy down and turned him in to the Iraqi police. I'd say that's progress. The Democrats won't.

A shameful thing is happening in America. Possibly half of our elected officials are invested in, and actively promoting America's defeat in Iraq. It has somehow become acceptable, even commonplace, for a politician to put his own agenda ahead of the security of our country. Some, like Ron Paul, are acting out of honestly held principles. The majority, however, welcome and celebrate any and all setbacks in Iraq in order to further their own political agendas.

Success in Iraq, any American success, would destroy the illusion Democrats have been building for 40 years or so. The illusion that America is an oppressor nation, that we are a greedy, indifferent, selfish country that only profits off the backs of the less fortunate. David Horowitz sums it up better than I in his new book, 'Party of Defeat'

When is the last time you heard Nancy Pelosi or Hillary or any other Democrat leader celebrate the greatness of America? In just the last few weeks, the stock market has risen almost 11%., durable goods orders rose more than expected. For the first time in three years future traders are betting on a rising dollar, jobless claims are down and  This is depressing news to Democrats. So they ignore it and continue to convey the notion that the economy has tanked and the only solution is a government solution, administered by them, of course. 

Any bad news is good news for Democrats. It is an occasion to summon the cameras, propose more  government solutions, with a little hike in   investments (taxes, for those of you in government schools) and demand more government. Just vote for them. They really care.

Rising gas prices? A great opportunity to demonize the evil capitalists that run the oil companies. Despite the fact that government is reaping more 'windfall profits' from our gas dollar in the form of taxes than the oil companies. Dems continue to deny America the ability to manufacture nuclear power. They declare our very own vast oil resources off limits for drilling. They're even proposing new gas taxes. 

Global warming? Its a crisis and only government can keep the earth from melting. Democrats keep silent about the fact that NASA, one of the leading global warming advocates, just stated that the earth is now entering a cooling period.

The worse the news, the more American citizens will look to the government for solutions. And if there isn't any bad news, they'll manufacture it. Isn't it odd how we only have a homeless crisis when Republicans are in power?

Sadly, this tactic is working. Federal, state and local governments are hiring new workers at the fastest pace in six years. More and more of our lives are being subject to government control. At our expense. An ever increasing number of our elected officials now operate under the notion that the ends justify the means. Reagan had it right when he stated that government is the problem, not the solution. 

America has become hostage to the ego and narcissism of the our elected officials. These 'elites' show, by their actions, that they are more interested in attaining power than in protecting and preserving America. Like centuries of Marxists and communists, Democrats are intent on tearing down our country, our institutions, our families, our traditional values and our heritage of Christianity in order to rebuild it to conform to their latest version of utopia.  

Elected officials take an oath of office when they are sworn in. They swear to protect and defend America and our Constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic. My question is, who will protect us from them? 

Nancy Morgan is a columnist and news editor for RightBias.com
She lives in South Carolina.

Article may be reprinted, with attribution

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