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Open Season On The Clinton Scandals? Other articles by this author  

One of the few books that outline the Clinton scandals is Roger Morris' 'Partners In Power'
Open Season On The Clinton Scandals?
Nancy Morgan
May 12, 2008

The day following the crucial Indiana and NC primaries that seemed to end Hillary's presidential aspirations, a strange thing happened. The media started releasing bits and pieces of Hillary's seldom reported, nefarious doings. Doings that have been in the public arena for years but never followed up by the media.

The Washington Times headline  Once-Secret Memos Question Clinton's Honesty appeared Wednesday. The article outlined the decades old information that federal prosecutors had assembled hundreds of pages of evidence suggesting she concealed information and misled a federal grand jury. Information that has long been available but, curiously, never reported in depth until now.
On Friday, The Wall Street Journal ran an article entitled, The Clinton Divorce, in which they actually mentioned nine of the most well known Clinton scandals. This was followed on Saturday by a current (potential) Hillary scandal, U.S. Criminal Probe Eyes Clinton Donor.

Monday we see another headline from the Washington Times, Clinton's Records Vanished After Warning , about the billing records of Hillary's Rose Law Firm. The billing records that disappeared 14 years ago, and were found by Hillary two years later.

These articles may come as a shock to many voters, especially young students, who weren't around during the era of non-stop Clinton scandals. They, along with many voters, believe the unchallenged statements by Hillary and legions of pundits that Hillary has been thoroughly vetted. Even McCain and many other conservatives echo this false statement and accept it as truth. Its not.
The Clinton scandals, both Bill's and Hillary's, have never been reported to the American people. Or were reported in such a way as to convey the impression they were fantasies motivated by hate filled members of the right wing conspiracy. They were one or two day stories which were then swept down the old memory hole. Despite iron-clad evidence of malfeasance, perjury, cover-up, blackmail and conspiracy.

As one of the only three journalists that dared cover the Vince Foster supposed 'suicide', I remain perplexed to this day how solid evidence of conspiracy, cover-up and numerous documented illegalities by team Clinton managed to be kept from public view. I have seen the actual evidence. The evidence that was never made available to the American public. Whether Vince Foster was murdered or committed suicide is not known. The evidence, however, clearly shows that his death did not occur in Ft Marcy Park, as most Americans believe. 
Most Americans would be shocked to know that the Monica Lewinsky scandal served Bill Clinton quite well. It diverted attention from the more serious charges concerning Chinese cash that coincidentally flowed to Bill Clinton at the same time his crony, Ron Brown, in the Commerce Department was approving the export of our nuclear technology to China. This Chinese cash was instrumental in Bill Clinton's re-election in 1996. These two scandals are merely the tip of the Clinton iceberg but they set the reporting standard for the many scandals that followed.  

Whether conservatives were honestly unaware of the available facts, or whether they were afraid of losing their credibility by reporting the unbelievable shenanigans of the Clintons is a question I can't answer. What I do know is that every article I have written about the Clinton's malfeasance over the last 13 years, has been rejected. By liberals and conservatives alike.
 The timing of these articles raises a red flag. Why, after all these years, is it now acceptable to point out the reality surrounding the Clintons? Will the public finally be made aware of the extent and scope of team Clinton's illegalities, scandals and cover-ups? Will the media finally let the American public know about Hillary's supporting and leading roles in the numerous documented cases involving corruption, perjury, blackmail and intimidation? If so, why now? 

No matter what side of the aisle you're on, every American has the right to enough information to make an informed decision when casting their vote. We should all question why all this information was never made available to the public when it actually mattered.

Nancy Morgan is a columnist and news editor for RightBias.com
She lives in South Carolina

Article may be reprinted, with attribution. Bio available on request 

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