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Feminist Meltdown
Nancy Morgan
May 21, 2007

That sound you hear is a scream. Followed by a deafening silence. 
Last month a horrific video portraying an Iraqi mob stoning and kicking to death a 17 year old girl, Doaa Khalil Aswad, made the rounds on You Tube. Her crime: She eloped with a man of the wrong religion.
The deafening silence you hear comes from American feminists. Well, not silence exactly. America's feminists were otherwise occupied... they were engaged in the monumental fight to expand the definition of marriage to include lesbians, gays and transgendered persons.
As you're reading this, dozens of courageous Iranian student activists are being jailed in Iran for participating in a march for women's rights. Basic rights, like the right not to be beaten at whim or stoned to death to protect a man's honor. Meanwhile, their American sisters are busy lobbying for hate crime penalties for anyone who dares to hurt the feelings of a gay or transgendered person.
While 1.7 million girls go missing every year in China, through forced abortion and infanticide, our feminists are busy lobbying for FOCA (Freedom of Choice Act). This would make legal the practise of killing a baby in the mother's birth canal. Oh, and they also want taxpayers to pay for it.
As millions of women worldwide are being sold into slavery, American feminists agitate about the discredited glass ceiling theory which is supposed to emphasize that women are victims and subject to all sorts of discrimination. Riiight... 
As young Muslim women are forced to undergo clitorectomies, American feminists celebrate 'The Vagina Monologues' and display their empowerment by publicly revering their vaginas. In your face, baby...
As millions of girls worldwide are denied a basic education, our American feminists are busy little bees, using their substantial clout to establish Women's Studies and Queer Studies in leading universities across our nation. These trendy studies pretty much teach that men are bad, Christianity is outdated, and traditional values are merely a social construct designed to keep women down.
While Muslim boys are being taught the virtues of martyrdom and how to be good little jihadists, feminists here at home are working hard to feminize boys and make shameful any vestige of manliness. If it takes doping them up to keep them from displaying male traits, well, that's the price you pay for being born male in America these days. Bad boy.
I'd like to state I am not now, nor have I ever been a feminist. I've always been perfectly happy with the role Mother Nature assigned me. That said, one might wonder why all the fuss...why should I care about a bunch of women making fools of themselves?
Let me count the ways.


By going along with the fiction that men and women are equal, our military, police forces and fire-fighters have had to lower their standards. This has undermined morale, diverted vital resources from those we trust to protect us, and cost actual lives. But hey, women have gained self esteem, and have had the heady experience of beating men at their own game. Sounds like a fair trade-off.
In their zeal to combat "patriarchy," feminists are directly responsible for the decline of the family. Illegitimacy rates have soared, affecting generations of children. Fatherless homes have become mainstream, with all the pathologies they produce. Sexually transmitted diseases have skyrocketed as young girls emulate the current pop tarts. Homosexuality is now regarded as a lifestyle option.

In exchange, women have gained the right to act like uncivil tramps, thinking only of their own gratification. As an added bonus, they've managed to convince half the country that this type of behaviour is cutting edge, and "aren't we daring?"
Though only 25% of women claim to be feminists, the media makes no distinction. The ultra-liberal National Organisation for Women has become the anointed spokesman (dare I say that?), and the perception at home and abroad is that the majority of American women ascribe to the feminist philosophy. No wonder the Muslim world is afraid of Western influence.
Perhaps the most pernicious effect of feminism is how it has affected relations between the sexes. Dating is out, hooking up is in. Sex is merely an appetizer that fills you up before the main course ever arrives.  Men are no longer required to play the role that men have played for centuries, as protectors and providers. "We can take care of ourselves very well, thank you." The good news is, men now have permission to be every bit as selfish as women, perhaps the only area where men have maintained true equality with women.  
These days, men don't know if they're going to be thanked or slapped if they dare open a door for a woman. Men, especially men in the corporate world who have been subjected to sensitivity training, are flying blind. They've been told men are bad, chivalry is dead and women and men are now equals - except women seem to be more equal.
Women have carte blanche to say and do pretty much anything they want under the heading of empowerment. Men, on the other hand, are compelled to keep up with the latest politically correct semantics or risk legal action. Think Duke Lacrosse.
On a personal note, imagine finding yourself interested in that cool guy you met at the gym. Attraction is mutual, sparks flare, the mating game is in full swing Hold the phone. Just as you're both ready to engage in that first kiss, he pulls back and asks your permission. Goodbye Charlie. Another neutered male - thank you, feminists. On the bright side, feminists have actually convinced men that's it's cool to be 'metrosexual.' Whew! No need to prove one's masculinity anymore. What a relief.
No matter how flat the pancake, there are always two sides. To be fair, I'm searching my mind to find some positive effect feminists have had in their 45 year reign.
OK. Here's one. Men no longer objectify women (at least in public). Now it's women that objectify themselves. This is considered progress. Go figure...
Nancy Morgan is a columnist and news editor for conservative news site RightBias.com
She lives in South Carolina

Article may be reprinted, with attribution


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