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The New Messiah
Obama's First 100 Days
Nancy Morgan
November 5, 2008

Obamamania is sweeping the world as media types, aging hippies and socialists around the world quiver with delight over their new messiah. Barack Obama finally prevailed over the old white dude and the hockey mom, winning the White House after the longest campaign in history. A new world order is on the way. The utopians have won.
These are heady days for the left. Finally, things are going their way. The economy  tanked right on cue, just in time for political contenders to validate their platforms, which consisted of  'its all Bush's fault - so elect me.' And now, with Obama as president-elect, these same politicos are furiously planning the new world order. Finally, their version of reality will be realized.
World peace will probably be first on the agenda. Obama, as president, will give all those dictators a good talking to. He'll make them see the error of their ways and during the first 100 days of his presidency, the first plank of the Obama World Peace Initiative will take hold: Peace through negotiation. Thugs will lay down their arms, Iran will halt their nuclear program and N. Korea will join the community of man.
Once Obama has shown these bad boys the error of their ways, he'll be ready to tackle his next big job -saving the earth from melting. Of course, this will require a temporary halt to capitalism but hey, ya gotta break a few eggs, right? The bright side is, Obama will actually be able to deliver on a campaign promise - the promise to bankrupt the coal industry.
Obama will explain that saving Mother Earth will require both blind faith and lots of cash. And we'll believe him because he sounds so, well, so passionate and truthful. The United Nations has already laid the groundwork and come up with a price tag. According to the IEA, a mere $45 trillion bucks should do the job.
Obama will explain how sacrifices are necessary and everyone should pay their dues, even those selfish conservatives. Then, he will unveil his PR masterpiece, a national competition, run by the NEA, to see who can make the most sacrifices. The kids will love it.
For those that object to the extra $7,000 investment per household required to save Mother Earth, well, they're either deniers or racists. Or just plain old meanies. Obama will summon Hillary from her post on the Supreme Court to explain to all the peons that it really does take a village to make change.

Next up, Iraq. With a fistful of newly forged treaties backed by heartfelt promises from Iran, the Palestinians and assorted terror groups, Obama will finally bring our troops home from Iraq. The Iraqis, thanks to Obama, will now be free to explore and determine their own culture without the destructive influence of the West. Iran will be effusive in praise of the United States and the rest of the world will like us again. Take that, George Bush.
Photo Credit: Ray Noland
While Obama is otherwise engaged in saving the planet and ensuring world peace, First Lady Michelle Obama, (who's pet project will carry the catchy label of 'We're All One') will be busy planning a reconciliation fete for all those guys we've dissed in the past. Like Chavez, Castro, and whoever is running Africa at the time. The theme of this week long 'multicultural' celebration is being kept secret but rumors are afoot that Elton John is burning up Google looking for words that rhyme with Kumbaya. Another gold for Elton?
While Obama and Michelle are busy changing the world, Obama's Cabinet won't be letting any grass grow under their feet. Former Congressman and new 'Director of Equity,' Paul Kanjorski will be implementing his new "Reasonable Profits Board" in which the government will determine whether or not a companies profits are excessive. And Maxine Waters, (title still being determined) will be working out the mechanics of nationalizing the oil companies and the airline industry.

Meanwhile, Vice-President Joe Biden will be working feverishly on his 10 point plan to abolish racism, having promised Michelle to have it ready in time for her 'multicultural fete.'
Finally, with Obama leading the way, America will experience real change. The politics of meaning will replace reality. The playing field will be levelled and America will stand alongside all the diverse cultures of the world as their equal. Finally, America will get what it deserves.

Above article is a revised version of original article posted June, 2008.

Nancy Morgan is a columnist and news editor for RightBias.com
She lives in South Carolina.

Article may be reprinted, with attribution.

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