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Fast Track
Live Earth and Fading Stars
Nancy Morgan
July 10, 2007

The hubris of the left was on full display as the much-touted 'Live Earth' concert swept the globe last Saturday.
In their noble quest to save the earth from the ravages of mankind, the usual suspects came out in droves (and private jets) to lecture Joe Six-Pack on the dangers of global warming, and confirm their own moral vitas before an audience of millions.
This was a rare win-win situation for leftists. Face time before millions along with a chance to show how concerned and sensitive they are. "Aren't I great? Listen to my latest CD, for sale now. And by the way, my carbon footprint is neutral! (I paid Algore's firm plenty for the right to say that and I Want You To Know It)."
This 'concert' was mandatory for any one with A list aspirations. A golden chance for aging rock starts to prove how 'with it' and 'relevant' they still are. The wannabee contenders relied on a simple and proven three-step formula for inclusion in the vaunted list of 'Those Who Care':
1. Swallow whole the leftist talking points on the manufactured 'crisis' of global warming.'
2. Take care not to chew
3. Issue forth the undigested liberal orthodoxy as your own (to the applause of useful idiots) 
Thomas Sowell has been proven right once again, "Few things are more scary than the numbers of people who rely on talking points instead of weighing serious issues in a serious way."
Scariest of all was Robert Kennedy, Jr. With the passion of a true zealot, he assigned the T-word (traitors, to all of you who graduated grade school) to all corporations who failed to value obeisance to Mother Earth over their bottom line. Politicians were branded as 'corporate toadies'. In a bid to be inclusive, he then went on to designate conservative talk show hosts as 'Lying Flat-Earthers' for daring to imagine that a diversity of opinion would be welcome on an issue he has deemed 'settled.'
Cameron Diaz pretty much guaranteed at least three 'cocktail' invites by her ingenious ploy of portraying hedonism as sacrifice, as she advised one and all to shower together. To 'Save The Planet' doncha know... I never knew saving the planet could be such fun. Oh, those wacky guys...
Primatologist Jane Goodall wowed the crowd by offering a greeting in, you guessed it, chimpanzee. Her bid for the soundbite of the night was a heartfelt plea, "What will it take to melt the ice in the human heart?"
Around 1:30, the cutting edge language started, with Phil Collins shouting 'Fuck' followed by Johhny Borrell shouting 'Fuck' (the F word, for those of you still in grade school) followed by Ricky Gervals shouting 'Fuck.' It was almost a relief when Dave Matthews segued into a paeon to cloth diapers. What is it with these guys and their obsession with private acts and bathroom no-no's?

The highlight of the eight-hour concert was, of course, Madonna. Before launching into her new act she urged, "Come-on, you m---er f--ckers. If you want to save the planet, let me see you jump." And jump they did. (Does this mean they're all m---er f-ckers?) More intriguing, though, is how jumping can save the planet. Did I miss that class??
A special favorite of mine was when Czech super model, Petra Nemcova, reminded us of her near death in the 2004 tsunami. Thus qualified for automatic credibility on all things related to climate, she trotted out her forgiving nature by informing one and all that she "..didn't feel hate toward nature." (Just towards George Bush) Being a big believer in root causes, she understands that "..nature was screaming for help." I'm not making this stuff up. I promise.
NBC televised the highlights of this tribute to secular progressives and their new religion in a three-hour primetime special. The ratings, thankfully, were dismal, proving that you can't fool all of the people all of the time. (A shock to some liberals, I know...)
The aging stars, after having garnered some much-needed publicity, jetted off in private jets, leaving behind mountains of trash. Of course, it will be recycled. Probably by those traitorous corporations that are ruining life on earth as we know it.
A pithy comment by John Mayer neatly summed up this whole affair. "Awareness works like a vitamin. You go to the bathroom and 99 per cent of it is gone but you hope that you retained 1 per cent."  I'm left with the probing question, "What does it all mean...?"

Nancy Morgan is an editor for RightBias.com and a columnist. She lives in South Carolina.

This article may be reproduced, with attribution.


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