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Fast Track
Hate Mail From The Media
Nancy Morgan
July 19, 2007

I recently sent my weekly newsletter to a writer for The State, one of South Carolina's leading newspapers.
The newsletter contained several headlines which have been overlooked by the mainstream media - mostly good news, about the economy and Iraq.
The response I received from Jeffrey Day, of The State, shocked me:
"i hae you. take me off your mailing list.
The other overlooked good news.....this administration is imploding."
Now here is a member of the media, obviously a charter member of the left, that 'hates' anyone who merely points out the good news. I would normally consider this to be the irrational response of a disturbed individual, except for the fact that this reaction is becoming increasing common on the left.
'Bush hatred' now extends to anyone who diverges from the liberal template of how the world should be viewed. This was brought home to me with a vengeance last weekend, as I attended my niece Sara's wedding in Durham, N.C.
My lovely Sara and her new husband, Jef, held their wedding at Duke Gardens. Both are Doctors at Duke, immersed in the world of academe. Most of their friends are residents of the Ivory Tower also.
During the reception dinner, a lovely young couple and I engaged in dinner conversation. The second they found I was a conservative, the woman sat up straighter, her body language changing in an instant, as she proceeded to throw down the gauntlet.
"I suppose you don't believe in Darwinism," she challenged. Then she launched into a sob story about her lesbian friend who was unable to adopt, even though she loved kids so much. Then on to her main grievance, about how Bush lied. I could go on.
The point being, when I challenged her to explain when they found the missing link, when I offered her $100.00 if she could give me one instance when Bush lied, when I explained that making policy based on feelings would lead to America becoming a third world country, she got genuinely offended. Really offended.
 Instead of rebutting my arguments, she stated that she had a PhD, as if that settled the matter. Then she and her husband, who had remained silent thoughout, got up and left, even though they were in the middle of their dinner.
I'm left wondering, why are liberals so threatened by debate? Me, I love it. The exchange of ideas, the chance to see an issue from another viewpoint. Exciting stuff. When did it become off limits? Who decided?
Anyone not in line with the theory that man has cause global warming is associated with the Holocaust as 'deniers'. Anyone who doesn't march in lockstep with the political correctness imposed by the left is branded racist, homophobic or worse. When did this come about?
By all accounts, half of our great country feels 'hate' towards Bush, towards conservatives, towards anything that threatens their worldview. When did this become the norm? Hate is a strong emotion, best reserved for enemies of our country, not our fellow Americans. That more and more Americans feel it is acceptable, almost mandatory, to despise anything conservative, says something not very pretty about America. A house divided...
Though secular progressives have decided that the 'truth' is relative, that doesn't make it so. The left can fool themselves that if something is legal, that makes it right. Conservatives know better. Conservatives have a stricter standard, as they are judged by God instead of ever pliable man.
For you haters out there, I have only disdain mixed with contempt. You've taken the easy way out. Closely following the liberal template has allowed you to expound with great authority and passion (heady stuff) without having to go to the trouble of examining complex issues. Why else do so many of you get so upset when challenged? I've got an inquiring mind, I'd like to know.
Though my views are vilified by media writers, PhD's and even my own mother, I will continue to believe that: just because everyone lies doesn't make it right; just because many hate, doesn't make it right; just because many have eschewed civil debate in favor of vilifying the messenger, doesn't mean the message isn't valid.
If any liberal disputes my contentions, I'm all ears. Hope springs eternal.


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