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Why Do Liberals Hate Good News?
Nancy Morgan
RightBias News
August 2, 2007

It's amazing how a little good news stirs up the left. I recently reported on the extreme reaction from media types to my newsletter outlining all the good news from Iraq. A writer from South Carolina's largest newspaper, The State, replied:
"i hae you. take me off your mailing list.
The other overlooked good news.....this administration is imploding."
It hasn't ended there. My latest newsletter reported on the surprising editorial published in the New York Times that actually acknowledged progress in Iraq. This bit of good news has stirred up a hornets nest. To wit:
Read about the real situation in Iraq, retard, or take me off your propaganda list. Your right-wing brain may sizzle a little bit upon reading the truth, but you should try it anyway. Please visit the attached link to find out how it's going in Iraq for the civilian know, the people we are supposed to be over there to help in the first place (or was that only after the bullshit "weapons of mass destruction" scam failed to convince anybody?).

Now do you feel like the dumb bitch you are?

Colin Gooder
Macon County News
In addition, I received several requests to 'cancel.' As in 'Don't send me this stuff anymore!!' Oddly enough, 100% of the cancellation requests came from reporters and e-mail addresses ending in .edu
David Horowitz has pretty much confirmed the overwhelming leftward bias of our universities. I can understand how conservative views upset and threaten the worldview of ardent Liberals. What's harder to understand is the outright vitriol. The lack of manners, courtesy and, well, class.
More perplexing still, is the subject matter. Good news, any good news about America, the war in Iraq, our booming economy, and the left goes into a tizzy. What's up with that?
There's a trend here. Bill O'Reilly recently reported on the democrat web-site, Daily Kos. He aired some of the pornographic pictures of our President posted on that site. I'm no prude, but I was shocked. What passes for reasoned discourse on Daily Kos is comparable to scribblings on a bathroom wall. Yet all the Democrat candidates are validating this behavior by speaking at their convention.
Other postings on other leftist web-sites chortled with glee upon hearing the news the Chief Justice Roberts had experienced a seizure. These hate-filled, profanity-filled posts are making their way into our national conversation. Being validated by publication in 'mainstrean media', being discussed on the evening news, being debated by pundits. Being validated.
The hallmark of today's au courant Liberal is criticism. Most liberals have exquisite, ginned up outrage and 20/20 hindsight. All well and good. Lacking in these discussions (diatribes? soliloquies?) are any proposed solutions. It's easy to be against something. Against the war, against Bush, against conservatives. Anyone with an IQ in the 'mentally challenged' range has enough smarts to know what he doesn't like. But someone should tell these guys that this is only half an argument. Reasoned debate necessarily includes more than just being against something. It should include a suggestion, a proposal, an idea of how an issue could be resolved.
This is where I join the ranks of liberals. I have no suggestions, no clues, no gems of wisdom to offer. I am criticising groups on the left, yet I have not the vaguest idea of how to deal with this issue other than to complain about it. Color me hypocritical.
I don't want to believe that all liberals are like the ones described above. I want to continue to believe in the basic goodness of the American people. I'm going to keep in mind that, at least in my experience, the gross bad manners and childish behavior have, so far, been limited to media types and those that live in ivory towers.
I'm going to keep in mind that the self-anointed 'elites' who seem to have the corner on hate, malice and profanity comprise a miniscule percentage of all Americans. Unfortunately, they're the ones with the megaphone. I'm pretty sure I'd be hearing a different tune if Joe Blow in flyover country had the microphone.
And to you, Colin, I do have a constructive suggestion. In the future, you may want to think twice before sending out e-mail's that reflect so poorly on you, your profession and Macon County News.
August 6, 2007 Update:

Apparently Colin Goode has received several e-mails' from conservative readers in response to this article. This prompted several passionate and increasingly irrational missives from Colin to yours truly.
Before I was forced to block Colin's e-mail's due to personal threats, he actually had the good manners to address his last e-mail to me: "Thanks, B****." (as opposed to his previous "bitch")
Conservatives can take pride in actually having an influenced a true liberal.  

Nancy Morgan is a senior editor for and a columnist. She lives in South Carolina

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