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Dangerous Videos
Nancy Morgan
October 1, 2008

A picture is worth a thousand words. Perhaps that is why Warner Music Group yanked this video from You Tube. Its a very dangerous video because it explains in simple and understandable terms, the cause of today's current financial crisis. Warner's reason for yanking the video? Something to do with the music. Riiight...
We've reposted the video here, with the offending music removed and the underlying facts intact. You'll quickly understand the reason some might not want you to see it. Surprising in its simplicity, it connects the dots, backed with supporting documents and actual video, and provides a timeline of the events that led to the financial chaos of this past week.
Its no wonder the powers that be don't want this video viewed by your average American. Its damning in its simplicity and shocking in its conclusion. Once armed with the facts, the American people are adamant in rejecting the proposed financial bailout now under consideration by the Senate.
After watching this video, it is unsettling to watch Rep. Barney Frank, or Sen. Chris Dodd on the news, lecturing the American public on how to solve the current financial meltdown. Its like watching the captain of the Titanic teaching a course on maritime navigation.  
The Democrats still believe they can rewrite facts to their own specifications. They've done so for decades, with the help of a complaisant media. They have yet to figure out how to deal with You Tube. Except to ban videos that come too close to the actual facts.
The culprits in this financial mess are relying on the ignorance of the American people to get away with creating the very crisis for which they now offer solutions. Its quite clear that instead of being in charge of resolving this mess, these Democrats should instead be languishing in jail.

Another dangerous video is the latest McCain ad. Called Alaska's Political Circus, it outlines the facts behind the 'troopergate' investigation into Sarah Palin. Clearly and with supporting facts. In essence, it provides the details needed necessary for the American people to conclude the supposed investigation into Palin is an unsubstanciated smear campaign motivated by partisan politics. 

Yet another dangerous video making the rounds on the web and talk radio, is a very professional video of young children singing the praises of Obama. The video purports to have been produced in the living room of a home in Venice. A spontaneous burst of creativity, supposedly reflective of the overwhelming appeal of Obama. You decide.
What makes this video noteworthy, is the eerie resemblance to the propaganda films of the Hitler era. Beautiful young people, in lockstep, seemingly overwhelmed with admiration for the person who turned out to be one of the worst mass murderers in history. Or picture North Korea - young, gullible schoolchildren, again, singing the praises of Dear Leader. Can you spell brainwashed?
This carefully scripted and choreographed 'home video' is also worth one thousand words. The 'words' indeed evoke emotion, but not the kind the producers envisioned. This video leaves me scared. The shoddy tactic of linking beautiful innocent children with Obama, the deceptive tone of mass adoration and the patently professional production values scream 'mass manipulation.' Again, you decide.
The good news is, it appears that the left has lost its stranglehold on deciding what information reaches the average Joe. Sites like You Tube make it extremely difficult to get away with airbrushing facts. The truth of these videos could very well be just the solution the American people need. Which is why they're dangerous. Supply the American people with the facts and they could decide to ignore the politicians and come up with their own solutions. 

Nancy Morgan is a columnist and news editor for RightBias.com
She lives in South Carolina 

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