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Phony Vets With Chutzpah
Nancy Morgan
October 2, 2007

As our troops are engaged in an epic battle against sworn enemies of America, our elected officials take to the Senate floor, whining about a passing comment by a talk show host.
Yesterday, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid scored a 'twofer.' He burnished his pro-troop credentials while at the same time, attacking Rush Limbaugh. This was a masterful 'gotcha' moment. Senator Reid implored his fellow Senators to join him in condemning Limbaugh for a "hateful" and "unpatriotic" attack on U.S. troops. This, in response to a comment about 'phony vets' made by Rush Limbaugh.
Senator Tom Harkin of Iowa threw in his two cents, wondering aloud, on the floor of the U.S. Senate, if maybe Limbaugh "was just high on drugs again." Left unspoken was the fact that distinguished Senator Tom Harkin is exactly the type of phony vet Limbaugh was referring to. 

Phony vets are people like Harkin, who claimed in his 1992 bid for the presidency that he had served as a fighter pilot in Vietnam. Eight years later, Harkin boasted he had served a year in Vietnam flying F-4s and F-8s on combat air patrols. Oops, it turns out those claims were phony. Hence the term phony vet. Which is the politically correct term for a lying hypocrite.
Turns out this particular phony vet had not seen combat in Vietnam, as he was busy serving as a ferry pilot in Atsugi, Japan. Well, says Harkin, what he really meant was that he was a Vietnam era vet. Having explained away this deliberate falsehood, Harkin emerged unscathed, unchastened and fully qualified to condemn Limbaugh for even uttering the term that so described him. Senator Harkin now qualifies as a 'Phony Vet With Chutzpah.'
If Harry Reid and Tom Harkin, elected officials in the 'world's greatest deliberative body,' were really as pro-troop as they would have you believe, one has to wonder why neither of them has uttered a word of condemnation about the disgraceful treatment meted out to returning troops by protestors atOakland Airport.
Last Thursday, 204 Marines and soldiers who were returning from Iraq were not allowed into the passenger terminal at Oakland International Airport. This was not a security measure. This was a slap in the face to our fighting men and women. Met with utter silence by the aforementioned pro-troop Senators who managed such exquisite outrage over the phrase phony vet
I guess these Senators were too busy doing the people's business. Like trying to sneak through enhanced hate crime legislation that Bush had promised to veto, by attaching it to the defense appropriations bill. This is called playing politics with our troops.
No matter how you spin it, using our troops to score political points against Rush Limbaugh is shameful. Almost as shameful as stealing honor by lying about combat experience in Vietnam. Almost as shameful as using troops as political fodder for enhanced rights for gays.
Pro-Troop? My butt. 

Nancy Morgan is a columnist and senior editor for conservative news site
She lives in South Carolina.

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