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The Nobel Disgrace
Nancy Morgan
October 13, 2007

Al Gore just got a major boost in his quest to save the world. The 2007 Nobel Peace Prize will now be added to the list of honors accorded to the latest icon of the liberal left. The Nobel will stand proudly alongside an Oscar and an Emmy Award, all testaments to Gore's revolutionary, awesome, epic movie, An Inconvenient Truth.
The left is all atwitter. They have validated their new religion of global warming. All that remains is for their anointed spokesman, oops, spokesperson, to parlay his new-found 'credibility' into decisive action. Said action being, convincing the great unwashed that:

1. The manufactured 'crisis' of man-made global warming is indeed threatening the world.
2. That AlGore and the UN will solve this problem for us, and
3. That 'investments' (liberal speak for taxes) will be painful, but necessary.
Throw in a little 'behavior modification' and, presto, what you end up with is the most effective antidote to capitalism ever envisioned.
Now that global warming has been tied to 'world peace,' Gore has free rein and a full load of ammunition in which to launch the latest assault on reason and the most massive redistribution of wealth ever seen.  
Let's say Gore gets his way. Let's say, in the interest of 'world peace,' Gore is successful in getting the Kyoto Treaty accepted in the U.S. The Kyoto Treaty would require an 'investment' of app $7,000 bucks per family of four. These monies would go to enrich a plethora of government agencies, favored NGO's, 'carbon credit' trading firms (including AlGore's), and other businesses favored by select politicians. The net effect would put more power into the hands of government than Hillary's failed health plan.

Now let's throw in Gore's partner in the vaunted Nobel Peace Prize, the United Nations Climate Control panel. These bureaucrats will definately demand some say in redistributing the monies wrested from guilty Americans. A goodly share will be slated for 'developing' countries using code words like 'energy development' or 'education.'
The result of these policies will be exactly what the left has been envisioning for the last forty years or so: A lessening of America's power and the 'enrichment' of third world countries. After all, since all cultures are equal, it's sinful for America to have so much wealth when there are so many starving people in the world. And the left is nothing if not compassionate. As long as they are using other people's money.
This is the left's vision of world peace and AlGore and the UN are our new saviors.
There's just one little problem. Fully half the country and fully 100% of rational, logical people aren't buying the 'fake but accurate' template which is being sold as reality by utopian leftists. Starting with the judge who officially invalidated 9 key contentions made by Gore in his global warming masterpiece. Most Americans understand that Gore's major and lasting contribution to world peace was his loss of the presidential election to George Bush.

As with other institutions hijacked by the left, the Nobel prize has lost it's luster, along with its credibility. Starting with the totally discredited Rigoberta Menchu, who received the Nobel for her, since debunked, autobiography, I, Rigoberta Menchu, to terrorist Yassar Arafat, to Kofi Annan of the UN 'oil for food' scam, to our most inept President, Jimmy Carter, the Nobel committee has succeeded in destroying the reputation of the once stellar Nobel Prize. They just haven't realized it yet.

How about offering a Nobel prize to whoever can answer the question: 'How will undermining the world's most potent force for world-wide prosperity (America, to those of you who just graduated college) contribute to world peace?' I've got an inquiring mind. I'd like to know.

Meanwhile, I'm laughing, along with millions of other Americans. And taking silent satisfaction as the old axiom, 'Give 'em enough rope and they'll hang themselves' is proven true once again.

Nancy Morgan is a columnist and senior news editor for www.RightBias.com. She lives in South Carolina

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