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Awards: Top Idiots Of The Week Archives  

Top Idiots Of The Week
Nancy Morgan
October 19, 2008

The hands down winner of this week's Idiots Award is Ireland's biggest bookmaker Paddy Power. He decided Thursday that he would pay out early more than 1 million euros on bets that Obama will be the next US president.
Running a close second is the poor Muslim would be bomber who was unable to blow up a restaurant because he'd locked himself in a toilet. 72 virgins flushed right down the toilet.
Third place goes to a man fuming over his rejection from a TV game show, who showed up at a San Francisco law office wearing a device he said was a bomb. Moral of the story: Don't mess with his 15 minutes of fame.
Being a lesser idiot doesn't mean you're not still an idiot. This proved to be the case for a group of bureaucrats in Switzerland who have mandated that geneticists researching genetically modified crops must conduct their research without trampling on a plant's dignity. This begs the question: How does one insult an apple? Inquiring minds want to know.
A Canadian driver threw caution to the wind and decided to put out his lit cigarette in a police officer's eye. This, over a parking ticket. Just because I can, I've decided to included this man's wife in this week's list of idiots. Hey, she married this dope.
A blonde bimbo sued L'Oreal Inc., claiming her social life was ruined when the L'Oreal hair dye she used turned her hair brown instead of blonde. A Connecticut judge gave her the brush-off.
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A New York man is being sued for trademark infringement after he towed a 25-foot-long fake missile around Manhattan with the words "Viva Viagra" printed in blue on its sides
Mark Ciptak decided to legally name his newborn daughter Sarah McCain Palin Ciptak. While that may be considered idiotic, Mark gets honorable mention this week because he tagged his little darling with that moniker without consulting his wife.
Speaking of names, a 19 year-old Asheville teenager has legally changed her name to CutOutDissection.com to protest animal dissections in school. I hope this teenage idiot isn't planning on becoming a globe trotter. And she might have a little trouble making restaurant reservations. Ah, youth...
Speaking of youth, another teen makes this week's list. A 19 year-old throwing eggs from a New York City rooftop as part of a prank is dead after he plummeted to his death while trying to jump between two buildings. He found out too late, that life wasn't like the movies.
Last, but not least: Mohamed Ibrahim Kader Mydin, 47, and his wife Rosina Mydin Pillay 41, were so desperate to stop smoking that they allowed themselves to be beaten to death in a stop-smoking ritual. I guess they proved that smoking can be lethal. Or something. 
Just in case all this idiocy has left you feeling, well, yucky, thinking the world has gone to the dogs, here's a little video that will make you smile. A maximum security prison break, caught on tape.
Feel free to forward your choices for next week's Idiots of the Week Awards. Till then, keep smiling.

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