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Top Idiots Of The Week
Nancy Morgan
October 31, 2008


The biggest idiot in this week's Idiot Of The Week Awards is a 52 year old El Paso man. This grown man decided to depart this vale of tears by throwing himself off a bridge. Which he did. The coup de grace, however, was a note he left behind. It was addressed to Obama, asking him to take care of his family for him.


Another Obamamaniac makes our Idiot list. A grown woman, Peggy Joseph, is captured on video speaking with NBC 6 about how she won't have to pay the mortgage or fill up her gas tank....because Obama will. This is what happens when God is taken out of the public square.


Police say a man suspected in an armed robbery at an alleged brothel in Washington, D.C. left a key piece of evidence at the scene — his thumb. You guessed it...his thumb ended up fingering him. Why does that sound obscene?

Police have charged a man with stealing a Lexus SUV he drove to court on the very day a jury was to decide whether to convict him in a separate auto theft case.

A robber used a screwdriver to hold up a restaurant. He then rode away on a bicycle. Unfortunately he fell off the bicycle and impaled himself on the screwdriver - and died.

A panel of Australian 'government experts' deserve honorable mention for their idiotic proposal: "The word 'drought' makes farmers feel depressed and should be replaced with 'dryness'." 

Code Pink moonbat, 58-year-old Janine Boneparth, tried to handcuff Karl Rove in what she called a citizen's arrest for "treason."

Last, but not least: The boss of a successful US hedge fund has quit the industry with an extraordinary farewell letter dismissing his rivals as over-privileged "idiots" and thanking "stupid" traders for making him rich. I predict this statement will, one day, bite him on the butt. Ah, hubris...


PETA makes our list once again. This time, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals wants a proposed Chicago public high school designed for homosexual and lesbian students to offer a vegetarian-only menu. I sleep easier knowing this organization is monitoring the roughage of the gender confused.

PETA is also working furiously to rename fish on restaurant menus as Sea kitten and chips, filet-o-sea kitten and sea kitten fingers. Working, I'm sure, on the assumption that most people would object to eating their pet cats. Color them devious.

A Swedish man's novel explanation for getting out from under a troubled marriage has landed him in trouble with the German police. He faked his own kidnapping.

A Japanese man took it a step further when he set fire to the hotel where he was due to get married at the weekend, rather than go through with the ceremony later the same day.


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