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'Restoration Weekend'  

David Horowitz's 'Restoration Weekend' Gets Five Stars
Nancy Morgan
November 19, 2007

I was surrounded by sartorial splendor at the magnificent Breakers hotel in Palm Beach last weekend as world class experts expounded on some truly frightening topics -  our government's handling of the war on terror, the pitiable state of Muslim women unfortunate enough to be born under Sharia law, and the consequences of a Hillary victory in 2008.
The Restoration Weekend, hosted by David Horowitz's Freedom Center, is my all time favorite conservative gathering. Unlike CPAC or other well known conservative conferences, attendees have three days to hobnob with true conservative luminaries. To hold actual conversations with the likes of Ann Coulter, Mark Levin, Bill Sammon, David Horowitz, Robert Spencer, Fred Barnes, Michael Barone, Tom DeLay, James Woolsey, John O'Neill, etc. To get the inside scoop on the issues of the day in relaxed and elegant surroundings.
Pricey? You bet. Worth it? Absolutely.

Friday and Saturday included several fascinating panels, most memorable being the on the plight of Muslim women. Syrian born Wafu Sultan's address was shocking. She is a muslim woman who roundly denounced all aspects of Islam and closed with a passionate 'God Bless America.' Yes, there are voices of sanity and courage out there. I would recommend visiting the web site, www.FrontPageMag.com and reading the transcripts and viewing the video.

Lt. Colonel, Ret. Gordon Culculla moderated a panel on The State Of Jihad. No cameras were allowed and certain portions of the discussion were declared 'not for publication' due to their sensitive nature. Terrorism experts Steven Emerson, Robert Spencer, Melanie Phillips and Douglas Murray succeeded in driving home a few basic truths about the war on terror: The capitulation of Britain to creeping sharia and the real life consequences of Britain's policy of appeasement - the infiltration of our U.S. government agencies and policy making branches by Muslims whose agenda includes conquering America from within - and most frightening, the aquiesance, co-operation, and capitulation of the very government agencies we have entrusted with America's security. Scary stuff.
The overwhelming conclusion: Americans cannot, and should not, rely on the State Department, Treasury, F.B.I., C.I.A., I.C.E., and the myriad other government agencies to protect us in this war on terror. It's is up to us, the American people, to make known and demand action from our elected officials on the absolute threats America and the world face from Islamo-fascism.

The all-star parade continued for three days. Dick Morris spoke about Hillary, leaving the audience wondering why he is still alive. Steve Milloy totally debunked the global warming hoax. Lou Dobb's speech made clear why viewers are leaving CNN in favor of Fox News. Bill Sammon summed up the Republican presidential prospects (not good). Each discussion more riveting than the one before, and all of them followed by a luncheon or dinner where I got a chance to speak one-on-one with these most fascinating people. Very, very cool.

Ann Coulter gave an exquisitely outrageous speech at Friday's Annie Taylor Awards banquet. Evan Sayet, the commentator and comedian who was unlucky enough to follow her, was funny, funny, funny. Did I mention how funny he was? Both Coulter and Sayet operate outside the bounds of political correctness. God bless them both.

The only quasi-disappointment was Rush Limbaugh. He gave a rushed speech at the Saturday night 'Salute To The Troops' dinner. It was a patchwork of other speeches, many of which I had heard before. I prefer Rush on the radio. In person, his body language was at odds with his message. Rush didn't stick around. He was in and out, flanked by bodyguard, Floyd, who is actually pretty nice. Rush is still one of my heroes, so I guess he can be excused for having a bad hair day.
By the time Sunday rolled around, my body started protesting all the rich food and drink. My mind started blinking 'overload.' But before I re-enter the real world, I have to express my heartfelt thanks to David Horowitz.
In my opinion, David Horowitz is the most effective conservative activist I have ever met. He sets an example I try to follow. This is a man unconcerned with political correctness, a man who sees the left with unblinkered eyes, a man totally devoted to results. And he gets them.

David is directly responsible for motivating hundreds, if not thousands, of young students to battle the leftist, hate-America message being taught on college campuses. He has motivated and informed millions of Americans on the very real threat posed by Islamo-fascism. He has educated and energised millions with his numerous books. He is a true warrior who I admire, respect and thank.

Nancy Morgan is a writer and news editor for www.RightBias.com
She lives in South Carolina

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